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Online Dance Class - Worldwide is the only option when you cannot make it to the studio due to lack of time, or other convenience. Hence we made it possible for you.

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So are we! With a plethora of class options — from beginner to professional level, Bollywood to ballet — you can dance in the comfort of your home and try a new style without the pressure with our classes.


Some Frequently Asked Question about Online Dance Class at Twist N Turns


What is a virtual online dance class all about?

Over the years, technology has revolutionized our world and daily lives. It has created amazing tools and resources, putting useful information at our fingertips. Hence, we have also initiated virtual online dance classes for all the people who don't want to lose out on their passion.
You can have the same fun at your home with just 1 click.


Who can join the online dance class for beginners?

Anybody and everybody!
Our virtual online dance classes shall cater to all age groups starting from 4-year-olds. Just like any other regular dance class, you simply have to Register Here. 


How can I register for a virtual online dance class?

An online payment gateway link will be shared, where you can directly pay the class fees and that's it, you are ready to start your virtual online dance class at your comfort!


Do I get any free trails for the virtual dance class?

Yes, of course!
We, at Twist N Turns, always make sure you experience the fun with us before buying our classes. Just like a regular dance class, we shall provide 1 free trial for the virtual class.
Our instructors will make sure you experience the same fun and energy at home as you would do in our studios!


Where will I get my online dance class tutorials?

Like said earlier, technology has turned our existence upside down. It has revolutionized communications, to the extent that it is now our preferred medium of everyday communication.
There is an end number of applications that allow mass-interactions and our instructors' team is well equipped with the sane. So you will be informed via Whatsapp with guided information regarding your virtual online dance classes.
For any other discussion, our administration team is always there to help you!


Is there online dance classes for kids?

Yes above 5 years old, kids can easily learn from our online dance classes for kids.


What are the charges for virtual online dance classes?

One to one private session.
1. Rs.600 per session
2. For 5 sessions Rs.3000 and 1 session bonus.
3. For 10 sessions Rs.6000 and 2 session bonus.

In a group class
1. Rs.400 per session.
2. For 5 sessions Rs.2000 and 1 session bonus.
3. For 10 sessions Rs.4000 and 2 session bonus.

*Bonus is applicable only for the first time.


So, wait no more! you simply have to Register HERE


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