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We like blogs, so recently we have started writing more and more blogs about Twist N Turns and it's activities.
We will share details about events, shows and many interesting facts about Twist N Turns. 

Keep reading. 

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A routine show for our children to showcase their talent of steps and give them a much-needed stage exposure to boost their confidence. The show was meant to give a taste of what stage feels like for all the children of the institute under the age of 12.
The aim of the show is to boost the confidence of students by providing them with a supportive and encouraging environment where they can perform fearlessly and our teachers and parents play a vital role in it.

 DW19 outdoor


For our little showstoppers, the show was organised at EZCC Auditorium, Salt Lake City on 21st April 2019. It was arranged for students of North as well as South studios of the institute. Though the show was low-budgeted, it brought parents and teachers who helped the children perform their best. 

In the first slot, the students of South studio (Ruby, Ballugunge and New Alipore) performed. In the next slot students from North studio (Salt Lake, Dum Dum park and Newtown) performed.


IMG 2203


It wasn't a theme-based show but was also not less than a celebration. There were 20 performances in each slot in total along with five of instructors' performances. The children and instructors used various styles such as Contemporary, Hip-Hop and Salsa. 


 For our pink power, there was an only girls act in which our Creative Director, Nikita Das also performed.



The show was not sans photography session where the little performers and instructors posed for great shots. The adorable performances along with laughter and smiles adorned the evening well and cheered everyone around them. Children performed in sync thus making it a shining evening that complemented the lighting for a great show. It was a fun time spent on dancing along with learning on how to perform together. They laughed, danced, learned together and probably made new friends. It was devoid of any divide.


It was a themed-based show which was not less than a celebration. There were 20 performances in each slot in total along with five of instructors' performances. The children and instructors used various styles such as Contemporary, Hip-Hop and Salsa. For our pink power, there was an only girls act in which our Creative Director also performed. 

Our tiny stars tried something new. It was according to their interest and they experimented with concepts such as Mario concept, Michael Jackson, Kiki challenge, pure Bollywood- Shahrukh Khan style for a rocking evening. 


A cute chaos that managed to break into the backstage which was managed by our instructors as a team. The Twits N Turns team helped with managing the children and preparing them for the event. 

The North and South teams worked together to make it a danstastic event. The instructors managed each other’s team while the other was on stage. The Twists N Turns evening was a success because of the teamwork that they put together. 

The event was managed by our Creative Director Nikita Das while the sound and light management were handled by our Director Tapas Das.


The children did not only enjoy the evening dancing their hearts out but at the end of the day, they also received a token of appreciation as "certificate of participation" along with a wrist band. Just to appreciate the hard work they have put into for such great performances along with boosting their passion.


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Annual Dance Concert 28th January 2018


We were back again with an event that created HULLABALOO in the city. The annual event of Twist N Turns was back in the city with the enthralling music, rocking dance performances and the events that mesmerized its audience. The event was splattered with laughter, dance, photographs, conversations, drama, and dance. Just as we promised, it was an event that brought the world together. Not only did the dance came onto the stage, but so did what is important to our world. Our dance concert had all the festivals from around the globe to make it more fun and majestic. 

 The innocence of our little dancers wooed the audience but also made them think. Don’t underestimate these little hearts because they didn’t just dance, they also taught the world a lesson. Their dances gave out the messages that spread awareness and told the world that what is ailing the world. They gave their heart to the dance, and the audience gave their heart to them. The colourful, vibrant and cheerful children on Twists N Turns’ Annual Dance Concert definitely was a show to behold. 


 As they say that memories last lifetime, we tried to do the same for our teachers, dancers and our extended family. They wanted small bits and pieces of the concert and we gave that to them in the most beautiful way possible. The grand and perfect background for all the selfie-enthusiast and voila, they were happy as a bee in spring. 

Our stage for the dancers was special as well. It wasn’t your daily bread and butter. The stage not only changed the colours, but it also took the audience on a world tour. They travelled places with our dancers in a melodious cruise.


 And what would have happened if our instructors didn’t put their maximum effort into the choreography? Ahh, that couldn’t happen. They knew it was their time to shine along with the dancers. They went into the game like deadpool- with maximum effort and came out victorious. Their choreography made everyone swoon in their places and they made our world theme a success. From Contemporary to Salsa to Jazz and back home Bollywood- it was really the world on stage. The dancers set the stage on fire and there wasn’t a moment of respite for the audience as they kept looking from one part of the stage to another. There was a lot of drama going on the stage as the evening unfolded and got more intense.

 Oh, and there was a lot of Hullabaloo on our backstage as well. The green room was filled with discussions, occasional shouts and lots of props and makeup. They worked hard to make our dancers more dramatic and fit for their performance.

Finally, this Annual Dance Concert Hullabaloo of Twists N Turns was a success. It was a power package of all the things good and danctastic. As our dancers created their dreams, we created a stage for them to show the world that how powerful those dreams are.

Until the next time, keep dancing with TNT!


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Twist N Turns is in its twelfth year!!
What better way than the dance concert to celebrate!? Our last dance event in Kolkata was held two years back on our tenth anniversary Mega Concert (Foray) and it was a grand affair, not to mention a very enjoyable and engaging one. Our entire school, including students and teachers, were in participation and all their friends and families in attendance. So this year we want it to be bigger and better!

Our theme this year is ‘Hullabaloo’- and we are going to make a huge fuss celebrating the festivals of the world, along with special days of national and international significance. Our preparations have already begun. Bookings have been planned, performances have been conceptualised and the instructors know their hard work begins now. For each instructor is responsible for the performance of their students- from conceiving the piece, to choreographing it, to planning ample rehearsals, to working on the costumes! It is indeed a busy time and team Twist N Turns wants to make sure that this year's Annual Dance Concert is a fabulous event for all involved.


Of course there is a lot of hard work to put in before the concert and we are all geared up for it. We want to make sure that this concert is a special one and of course it will be all about dance! Different dance forms will be showcased- Hip hop, Bollywood, Salsa, Jazz & Contemporary and so much more. Our dance forms will visit and celebrate various festivals from around the world! 
The junior batches will be doing dance performances to celebrate as well as spreading some awareness to heal an ailing world on festivals like- International Women’s Day, Farmer’s Day, International Day of the Girl Child, Anti-Corruption day, Doctor’s Day, Independence Day, World Poetry Day and many more will be a part of our special evening! While the senior batches will be executing choreographies that bring world festivals with a twist –  Tomorrowland festival, Oktoberfest, Snow and Ice festival, White Night festival, Water festival, Masque festival, Hot Air Balloon Fiesta, Cosplay, Puppet festival will all be part of the concert glamour. All in all the TNT concert will be a celebration of colour and pomp and festivity and grandeur!




As in any celebration of the Twist N Turns family, our students and the extended family are of foremost importance. Without our students and instructors working together to make the dance event a huge success we would not be able to deliver such awesome events as the dance annual concert. Which is why it is of utmost importance that everyone at Twist N Turns participates. After all, we want to make sure that the innate talent of all our students and all that they have learnt is seen and appreciated!

Rest assured that the dance concert will be an evening to remember and rejoice in. With ample stunning dance performances in the kitty, we aim for a show with never a boring moment, while the audience swoons over the moves and the students know that their family revels in the glitz and grace of their dance skills!


Come, join in for the most awaited dance annual show ~ the Twist N Turns Mega Concert 2018.
We invite all our students, their friends and families to celebrate our twelfth year with us and make merry at the Festivals of the World  in a single evening! We assure you that it will be a three months, culminating to a wonderful evening- a three months plus one evening, well-spent!


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The fifth edition of Get on the dance floor (GOTDF), a Dance party in Kolkata by Twist N Turns, was all about loads of dance, amazing music and even more fun!


The studio’s dancers were in attendance and the dance party invitations went out to their family and friends. The happening Kolkata event saw quite a turnout, with an amazing evening laid out for the guests! The stage was ablaze with fabulous dance routines performed to enthralling music and awesome background lighting that all conspired to create a magical environment, setting the mood for the evening! Of course the fantastic performances by the Twist N Turns dancers, who showcased various dance styles, including hip-hop, contemporary, belly dance and classical dances were the sparkling highlights of the evening!

Just as the DJ experimented with music sans the boundaries of language, so also the dancers explored an amalgamation of dance styles. A mesmerizing cocktail of belly dance fused with Indian classical, performed to the very popular ‘Shape of You’ by Ed Sheeran was presented to the audience as promised.



The nervous first-time performers and the seasoned dancers were the showstoppers alike! While the first timers wowed all with their gracefully executed routines, the Twist N Turns instructors stunned the audience with their hip-hop and contemporary choreographed to chartbusting Western songs.But it is never just about dance on the floor! 

But then again GOTDF is never just about dance! It is as much about fun. Which is why there were some fun-filled, enjoyable activities organised for both the audience and the dancers. One such activity saw our charming emcee call up random people from the audience to deliver famous Bollywood dialogues or to dance to popular songs the Bollywood way.
As the evening unfolded further, a tug of war broke out on the floor. There weren’t any ropes but people did join hands in camaraderie for the game! And as the night approached, we had more such fun arrangements for everyone to let loose and enjoy!


As for our instructors’ share of fun, as a teacher, isn't it always an honour to be the favourite of most? However, it turned out to be tough times, when the students of Twist N Turns had to choose their favourite instructor. It was a joy to watch as the teachers looked on while their posters were coloured by their students- that’s how the students decided their favourites!



Annnnd... We also promised a Zumba hour, didn’t we? We kept our word- as planned there was an hour’s worth of Zumba session for the dancers as well as the guests. With the instructors on stage and the DJ playing foot-tapping numbers, the participants thoroughly enjoyed their share of Zumba! Learning and following in just an hour might have been difficult, had it not been for our talented instructors who taught in easy steps broken down in simple instructions.

 gotdf zumba 1

gotdf zumba 2

Last, but not the least, no matter how much we love dance parties, isn’t every party incomplete without food? Hotel Golden Tulip knew and a delicious spread of yummy delicacies was laid out for all to satisfy their hunger pangs and cravings!

GOTDF is a chance to let go of our worries, simply have fun and also be in the limelight; and everyone at the studio made the best of that chance! And to make the celebration tenfold better, their families and friends joined in. Because we all wait longingly and sweat hard for the event every year to have a gala time with everyone, so we can dance, play and laugh together, while making memories.



As all good things do, the rocking party too came to an end, but there wasn’t sadness in the air; because as they say, ~
aashce bochor aabar hobe!".




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TNT 3919

The nervousness in studio is breaking the ceiling as the date of event comes closer and the practices are vigorous than ever before!
A fusion of Indian Classical and Belly dance is not something you get to see in every day life. Well that's exactly what the instructors at Twist N Turns have planned for you! With every twist and turn of the bodies on the rhythm of the song, the dancers insure that the magic fog encircles your mind and you are forced to try a step or two by yourself.

On being asked, the students and the instructors had a lot of fun stories to share but the stories of their journeys are more interesting.

With the tension filling up in their heads, as two students tried to lift another student for a step to be performed, they lost their balance and toppled down on the floor unceremoniously. What followed next was a nonstop marathon of laughter, which, is their guide to relieve the tension.

TNT 7348

Sharing experiences, one of the instructor recollects his memory when he first joined the studio and was only following his passion to learn dance.
One day when his instructor asked him to take few classes in his absence for a few days, he was of course more than happy to do it because he liked to dance even when it took so much effort.... Don’t we all remember our first salaries? His was when after a month his instructor returned and told him that he should be paid for all the classes he took! His mind whirled with surprise, shock and happiness. A story this simple defines each of us when we received our first salary or were appreciated for our work. And that's how the journey of an instructor at the studio started.

What is Get On The Dance Floor for the students, you ask?
It is their out-of-the-cocoon moment. The first time performers are jittery and are working up the performances that has to be perfected down to every movement as per the choreography.
As a black cloud of insecurity and worry spreads over their heads, the instructor-student bond comes to rescue. Teachers are motivating students by training them to their full potential and teaching them new dance forms. Encouraging the students to perform without sweating over it mentally requires a bond close to heart. An instructor at the studio tells us exactly how he encourages his students - focusing on the learning part, he motivates them by telling that achieving so much in such a short span of time is what matters the most and learning is more important than stressing on the comparisons and performing. 


TwistNTirns AhtClicks 52


On the other hand, for the instructors, Get On The Dance Floor is a chance to perform and be in the limelight. The whole year passes by and that they too need to loosen up a bit, hence this event gives them the chance to do the same. Taking so many classes of different batches, every day, gives them immense joy but GOTDF is "their" chance to let it all go and dance the night away.

For the outsiders, entertainment arrangements are all set. There will be DJ dance floor, fun dance games that will challenge their inner dance beasts and a Zumba hour conducted under the directions from the instructors. There will be various solo, duo and group dance performances at the event showcasing array of dance forms.


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As the studio stories are coming to an end with the fast approaching date of event, last day of registration is also coming closer. 19th August will be the last day ; registration can be done in the studio as well as online.

An informal dance showcase with a variety of dance performances invites the dance enthusiasts on August 20, 2017 to a dance filled entertainment. Family and friends of the members of the studio are welcomed to enjoy their evening and dance performances as well as the lip-smacking food at the event!

See you!





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As the mysterious smoke moves aside and reveals the stage, accompanied by pulsating music playing in the background and the astonishing dances that leave the onlookers awestruck, Twist N Turns invites you to be a part of its annual event Get on the Dance Floor 2017.

Did those words just invoke in you a sense of déjà vu? Of course it did- Twist N Turns presents to you its 5th edition of Get on the Dance Floor. For all the dance lovers and enthusiasts out there, the stage is firmly set for an evening cocktail of smashing dance performances by our talented line up of a hundred and fifty dancers, entertaining games and fun learning sessions by the coolest instructors in the city, served up in a special tumbler, full of the choicest, most foot-tapping numbers! Come, quench your thirst for a dance extravaganza on Sunday, the 20th of August, 2017, 4 p.m. onwards.

And just for you special people, we have specially selected, a very special location- Hotel Golden Tulip- because a great party needs an equally amazing venue! Golden Tulip eagerly awaits your footsteps to rock its dance floor. And since all good deeds, (err..dances) must bear fruits, Golden Tulip will also lovingly set out a delectable buffet spread for you.


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What should you expect at the event, you ask? Read on..

An exhilarating four hours complete with group, duo and solo dance performances by our students featuring various dance styles, such as, Bollywood, Contemporary, Jazz, Hip Hop and more; there would also be a series of sub-events embedded. We also want to make sure our guests participate, so there’s a Zumba hour by our qualified instructors for both the students and guests.
As the evening progresses and the hot dance floor begins to simmer, dance battles might also be on the cards! All this will be served up by a crazily fantastic emcee to keep the dance heat burning red hot throughout.
Oh and don’t forget, your groovy moves to the contagious, invigorating music – we invited them over to be our showstoppers for the evening! As promised, an elaborate buffet menu will take care of your hunger pangs. 


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Who can attend?

Families and friends of the students (and of course, the students themselves) may attend the event. Admission to the event is through contacts only.

How should you register?

Registrations can be done via direct contacts- our students, friends, family; basically through the extended Twist N Turns family.

Reservation passes can also be obtained by calling the number provided on the official Twist N Turns page.

Have questions?

We have also created an official event, where the interested guests can ask questions and get them answered. Please visit GOTDF 2017 Facebook Page

The countdown has begun!

Come down for a one-of-its-kind dance experience in the city of Kolkata! Come down, you know want to- Twist and Turns and its budding dance talents, look forward to hosting you!


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