Papiya Saha Twist N Turns Dance Trainee

Papiya Saha

Dancing for me is a non-verbal form of communication that expresses hidden emotions, ideas, and exploring oneself. Dance is a total ESCAPE from everything.

Hi, I am a trainee instructor papiya saha, dancing since I was 9 years old. I started my journey with Kathak, Odissi, Creative dance and Rabindra Nritya. Gradually my interest shifted towards Kathak. I am a certified Kathak dancer for almost 10+ years now. In order to become versatile and to know how much I can push myself to learn other dance forms, I took training in Contemporary, jazz, free-style Bollywood for almost 3 years.

Whatever I am today, the full credit goes to my instructor's who taught me these Eastern and Western styles with sheer dedication. With their constant support and encouragement, I was able to find my best.

I think this is what is essential in everyone's life. Before imparting knowledge we should always keep motivating and supporting each other. Nothing is impossible.

In short, the story of my dance journey is MAGICAL! 
It transformed me and my life too, hence I joined as a trainee instructor.


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