Arpita Kundu

Dancing has been a passion for a long time and, the word dance makes me the happiest person ever.

When I was 6 years old, I had requested my mom to admit me to a dance school. My mother tells me how I kept on dancing when I was a toddler.
So I started my journey with the classical dance form, Kathak Bharat Natyam and Rabindra nritya. I continued for 10 years, and I'll always be grateful to my Guruji for making my base stronger.
Later I joined a dance troupe to learn Western dance form and started with Bollyhop.

From 6 to 24...these18 years of dance have given me so much.
Currently, I am a trainee and also employed as an instructor at Twist N Turns Dance Institute. And I'm obliged to the instructors who are helping me with the various dance from.

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