Shabda Roy

For me, Dance has always been an escape from being self-pity and thrive for perfection.

It has helped me to understand how one can express through movements without saying a word. I started dance watching Michael Jackson's video and got really inspired by "Smooth Criminal", and his one-sentence stuck into my head "Thinking is the biggest mistake a dancer could make. You have to feel it", and eventually I saw other great artists from different dance fields and that's when I decided to take dance as a career.

Trained under Remo D'souza in Hip Hop for almost 3 years, has helped me to understand this art on a deeper level and pushed me to become a perfectionist. I have always represented my school and college in all the big competitions and fests of Kolkata, and that has continued in my IT career, where I have performed in several office showcases whenever I have got a chance. I always wanted to take my passion to the next level. This whole journey of dance is a never-ending learning experience, where I never lose and always learn.

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