Shaptarshi Ballav

I started my dance career at the age of 17 with classical dance after 5 years learning of classical dance then I shifted myself into the western genre.

At the age of 22, I completed my diploma in contemporary, jazz, and Ballet training from Rhythmosaic dance school & institute. After a year I started teaching at schools like La Martienere & Shri Sikhshayatan.
In the year 2015, I shared the stage with Beijing LDTX dance company in the 'white lotus black sand'(Rhythmosaic production). In the year 2016, I've been to Yekaterinburg, Russia representing India in Indo-russia bussiness trade as a guest performer with Rhythmosaic dance company.

I've choreographed my 1st choreography on contemporary dance at alliance Française Du Bengale. I've choreographed a contemporary-ballet dance drama called "Distance land" with the students of Shri Sikhshayatan school. In the year 2015, I performed at the American consulate. In the year 2016, I performed at Delhi contemporary dance festival. At present I'm working with twist N Turns to be jazz, ballet, and contemporary dance teacher.

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