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Zin Ankita Chatterjee

Dance connects us to society and culture in many universal and personal ways. Dance helps us to connect to our inner self.

It provides us with mental peace and awakens the consciousness of our inner beauty. It helps develop self-confidence and self-esteem in a stimulating environment.

Dance is a big part of who I am and it has been my number one hobby since my childhood days. I Dance for several reasons; it makes me feel free. For me, dance is the most beautiful form of art and when I dance my energy knows no bounds.

I chose dancing as a career in 2008. I have worked as a background dancer in many tv shows. In 2009 I was selected for a dance reality show (Dance pe Chance Street Dance at Rupashi BangIa). After that show, I started working at a Bengali award show as a Dance crew (2011).

Two years later, I got married and had to stop my career in dancing. After my delivery, I got health conscious and then I decided to become a professional Zumba instructor. So, I took up Zumba basic 1 training in 2016. I even taught famous celebrities like Koel Malik. I then completed my basic 2 training in 2019.

I am really happy to teach Zumba at Twist N Turns. I try to Inspire many people like myself. I am proud of the decisions I made.

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