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Dance Your Way to Fun & Excitement with Rituparna Chowdhary. 

Five Hours of Expert Instruction That Will Bring You Endless Hours of Fun & Excitement.

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  • 6,552 students enrolled
  • Created by Tapas Das - Twist N Turns
  • Language: English 

What will you get?

  • 5 Recorded classes can be accessed once you register and enrol in the course.
  • 1 Live interactive session with the instructor over Google Meet. 

What you'll learn?

  • Basic Steps and Techniques
  • Basic Steps and New Steps
  • How to vary, change, and stylize each move
  • How to do Shoulder Rolls, Shoulder Shakes and/or Shimmies
  • How to do Full Body Rolls
  • How to do Hip Circles
  • How to do Arm Styling


  • No Shoes Required, you can do it on carpets or smooth floors. You want to be able to spin and slide... not stick.
  • Time (and a commitment) to practice: The work in this course gets more complex with each hour and it is important to be able to practice until you can make each move natural, easy and your own. You're going for "muscle memory".
  • This is a total sensory experience: You have to feel the rhythm, the count, the patterns, the connections, the music and of course, your partner.
  • You will want to "own" each move and PRACTICE/REPETITION is the ONLY way.
  • You can memorize every step, turn and shine in the world, but until you put it together, it is not fun.
  • Try to find someone with similar interests and goals as yourself or even someone with more dance experience and remember to ALWAYS HAVE FUN while learning.
  • This should be a happy experience for you.
  • A "CAN DO" attitude: It shouldn't be stressful or competitive. Work at your own pace... Take as much time as you need for each hour, but enjoy yourself! Feel the magic of the movement and the music! This course can really change your life!

Question about How to Learn Bollywood Dance on Makhna in 6 Hours?

Have you always wanted to learn Bollywood Dance or improve your Bollywood Dance technique?

Do you want to impress your friends at your favourite gathering or family function?

Burn calories and get in shape while dancing and having FUN?

Build confidence and improve your social life?

Mrittika Datta a master teacher with more than 5 years of experience breaks Bollywood DANCE down into a series of simple, basic, steps, moves and turns that fit together like pieces of a puzzle.

She has been teaching, choreographing and performing her unique Bollywood DANCE techniques and stylings all over the world at Bollywood DANCE events, festivals and congresses.

Now, in this brand new introductory course, he will teach YOU everything you need to know to get started having fun and dancing at any  Bollywood DANCE event locally, or anywhere in the world!

Once you learn the basics, there will be no stopping you!

It's been proven beyond a doubt: Bollywood DANCE is one of the happiest ways to meet people, spend a night out on the town or even throw a party with friends.

Bollywood DANCE is known for its high energy, hot and even sexy moves, but it doesn't stop there.

It's also energetic, rhythmic and an ever-growing, equal-opportunity, worldwide movement and phenomenon that never gets old, never discriminates and never goes out of style!

The course includes 5 hour-long videos, each one containing 5 or 6 segments, each segment teaching 1 to 3 new moves or combining moves learned previously, plus many extras

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for ANYONE who has ever wanted to learn Bollywood DANCE, age 8 to 88. Total beginners and dancers with some experience will LOVE this course and Mrittika's unique style of teaching.
  • Experienced dancers who want to brush up on their technique and learn some new moves.
  • ANYONE who wants to tone their body, get in shape and burn calories without knowingly doing exercise.
  • When you dance Bollywood DANCE, perspiration is inevitable and if you're out on the dance floor you're probably NOT eating.
  • If you want to change your life, immerse yourself in a new culture, find physical (instead of virtual) ways to express your inner feelings and passions, smile more and connect to something very real, palpable, exciting and always fun.

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