Episode 6 was with the best in town!

This session was conducted by Raj Shaw who taught Breaking. Raj is a renowned dancer in Kolkata who teaches breaking. He is a part of a crew called Breakguruz and has also represented in many national breaking dance cypher battles.

The people who came to attend his class had a great time learning this form. See what they had to say about it...

Moitrayee - It was really amazing. I would like to take more classes like this in the future.

Sampurna - He is the best bboy & teacher I have met so far. Amazing experience. Loved his workshop and would love to attend more.

Deo - It was very refreshing and a very new thing for me. Got to learn some new moves and I'll definitely be practicing again. Thank you for the great experience.

Soma - It was different from the usual dance workshops. It opened up other dynamics and way of movements. I could do certain moves which I never thought I would.  The energy and vibe was great. Looking forward for more such workshops.

Now take a look...

Raj resized