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SUNDAY CHOREO SHOTS - 11 (Boyfriend - Justin Bieber by Roshan | Ballygunj)

Our 11th Choreo Shot was taken by Roshan and he taught a Hip Hop choreography on the song "Boyfriend" by Justin Bieber. This was a Hip Hop Choreo Shot and

everyone enjoyed a lot learning this choreography and we observed that everyone was able to do it very nicely, Roshan was very contented to see them perform so well. We are very happy to say that even though it was raining cats and dogs the participants managed to attend the event and make it a success.

Upon asking about their experience we got some interesting answers such as -

" I was all wet due to rain,but this choreo shot made me Happy" said Pankaj

" I love attending these events and due to rain i was late for this one but still managed to catch up with the choreography" said a participant

" It was 'Maastt'" said Shalini

" Amazing workshop,Great fun" said Gargi