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SUNDAY CHOREO SHOTS - 13 (Kala Chasma - Bar Bar Dekho by Jojo | Salt Lake)

Our 13th Choreo Shot was taken by Jojo and he taught a Bolly-Hop Choreography on the song "Kala Chasma" from the movie Bar Bar Dekho. This was a Bolly-Hop

Choreo Shot and was the last choreoshot of the first season. The number of girls was very very excited to learn a dance on this recently famous track and we could see that maximum of the participants were girl, but even the guys had a lot of fun learning and dancing to it. We are very happy to see such support from the participants and we will be back with season 2 of Sunday Choreo Shots.

Upon asking about their experience we got some interesting answers such as :

"Just Awesome", said Abhishikta Gupta

"Mind Blowing, Fantastic and i loved it. Keep up the good Work and spread dance", said Khusboo Gupta

"Awesome Superb,Fantastic, I loved it", said Jayshree Gupta

"Superb Fun, Cool" said Roshni Gupta


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