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SUNDAY CHOREO SHOTS - 5 (Jab mila tu - I Hate Love Story by Roshan | Salt Lake)

Our 5th Choreo shot was taken by a Roshan and he taught a nice and groovy Choreography on the song "Jab Mila tu" from I hate love story. This was our 2nd hip hop

choreo shot but on a Hindi track which had bits of locking, house, waving other elements infused. The participants were very keen to learn this popular style and they picked up all the steps and also put their own style to it. We were extremely happy to see that many people coming to the event in spite of the rainy weather.

Upon asking about their experience we got some interesting answers such as -

"First time doing Hip Hop, very happy to do this and will join classes from now," said a participant who joined our hip hop dance classes after the workshop.

"Hip hop on Hindi song makes it so easy to dance, and I cud put my style to it," said a participant

"Loved the Choreography and its groove" - said a participant

"Hip hop is not easy I knew but when it is explained so well then it becomes easy, need to practice more," said a participant

students payemtns