SUNDAY CHOREO SHOTS - 8 (Swang - Dozay by Prantik | Dum Dum Park)

SUNDAY CHOREO SHOTS - 8 (Swang - Dozay by Prantik | Dum Dum Park)

Our 8th choreo Shot was taken by Prantik and he taught a Hip hop choreography on "swang" by Dozay. This was a Hip hop choreo shot and all the participants

were very delighted to learn and dance on this choreography, we noticed that everyone was getting tired but that didn't stop them even for once. The crowd happily 'Swang'ed to music and were excited to dance to this song, lastly, they cheered loudly for themselves as the workshop ended.

Upon asking about their experience we got some interesting answers such as - 

"This was a very nice Choreography,im glad that i could learn all the steps and do them." said Rajnandini

"Hip Hop olways makes me feel good,i participate in battles and stuff but learning this piece felf very good" said Pankaj

"I never did Hip Hop before as i was always into contemporary jazz,whatever i learnt today in the given time satisfied me and i enjoyed a lot" said Aditi

"This is my 2nd Choreo shot of this style and i have gained much interest in Hip Hop, thanks to the instructor" said Sayantan


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