SUNDAY CHOREO SHOTS - 9 (Befikra by Rituparna | Salt Lake)

SUNDAY CHOREO SHOTS - 9 (Befikra by Rituparna | Salt Lake)

Our 9th Choreo Shot was taken by Rituparna and she taught an exciting choreography on the song "Befikra". It was a Bolly-Hop style Choreo shot which took place

in our Salt Lake Studio. We saw a lot of new faces this time and even though the choreography was a little bit fast all the participants were very energetic throughout. At the end of the workshop, the participants were fully exhausted but at the same time, they were very happy.


Upon asking about their experience we got some nice answers such as -

"The best way to have fun along with learning is DANCE. Had great fun and enjoyed a lot learning this choreography" said Ayush Agarwal

"One of the Best ways to continue dancing for those who cannot do it on a regular basis. Loved the workshop and hope to attend more Choreo Shots in coming Days" said Sarwajit Srivastav

"Awesome Feeling. Thank you for the Wonderful event" said Sarbani Banerjee

"Felt very Happy, it was fast though but i was able to do it."said Pankaj Pal




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