SUNDAY CHOREO SHOTS Season 2 - 1 - ( The Humma Song - Ok Jaanu by jojo | Salt Lake )

SUNDAY CHOREO SHOTS Season 2 - 1 - ( The Humma Song - Ok Jaanu by jojo | Salt Lake )

After all the love and support that we got from the participants of the first season, SaltlakeThis is how we started the 2nd Season of SUNDAY CHOREO SHOTS. It

was Jojo again who made all the participants move to the rhythm of the latest hit track "The Humma Song" from the movie 'Ok Jaanu'. The event took place salt lake studio and we are very happy to see such a good response from each and every one of the participants as they were happy learning and then doing it with ease.

Upon asking about their experience we got some nice answers such as - 

"It was a refreshing experience to dance after such a long time gap, I had a great time. Loved the Choreography and I'm looking forward to attending more of such classes," said Ayush Agarwal

"Great Moves, Amazing Choreography is what chores shots are all about, and this class was a similar experience. Enjoyed and had great fun, more fun awaited," said Shalini Agarwal

"I tried to attend as many seasons 1 workshop as I cold and now after a long time I can do them again, feels good to be part of this amazing workshop again," said Pankaj 

"Its the 2nd time I am attending the TwistnTurns Sunday Choreo Shots,Initially it was just fun but now I like everything that I learn from these workshops. The atmosphere is really friendly and I enjoyed it a lot. Thanks, TNT, Jojo Sir, and Prantik Sir." Said, Sanchita Paul

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