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SUNDAY CHOREO SHOTS Season 2 - 2 - ( I hate you i love you - Gnash by Mrittika | Ruby )

The 2nd Sunday Choreo Shot was taken by Mrittika who taught a Contemporary choreography on the song "I hate you I love you" by Gnash. It was a Contemporary

choreo shot and she made the crowd do some 'not so easy' steps easily, and the best part was even though all of them were scared to do those moves but eventually they tried a lot of times, practiced and then at the end of the workshop they did them successfully. 

Upon asking about their experience we got some interesting answers such as : 

"Choreo Shots are great and the instructors are very humble and teaches us greatly." said Sourav Paul 

"Choreo shots are amazing.We got to learn a lot of new things in a very short time span. Moreover, it was great fun to learn from the instructors" said Sanchari Basu

"Choreo shot was a very nice experience. A short package of loads of things learnt. Best things are always priceless and this was one if them" said Tanushree Agarwal

"It was amazing, Learnt some new techniques. Loved the Class." said Vedika Agarwal

"A great break from the Monotonous Work life. Keep going" said Unnati Gupta




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