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SUNDAY CHOREO SHOTS Season 2 - 4 - ( Thats what i like - Bruno Mars by Prantik | Ballygunj )

The 4th Sunday Choreo Shot was taken by Prantik who taught a choreography on the song "Thats what i like" by Bruno Mars. It was a Hip hop based Choreography

and people were eager to learn on this song. There were participants of different age groups but all of them gave equal amount of effort to match the moves with the instructor and at the end they did. Some steps were easy some were not but it didnt matter because they had fun and felt good dancing.


Upon asking about their experience we got some interesting answers such as - 


"A sunday well spent especially for working people like us. loved the choreography." said Kamna


"It was a very good learning experience and Prantik sir is super fun. The best thing i could expect out of a sunday. Thank you Twistnturns. :)" said Tajeeya


"It was fun. I liked it" said Moitrayee


"Got to learn a lot. Thanks Prantik sir and Twistnturns" said Harshita

students payemtns