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SUNDAY CHOREO SHOTS Season 2 - 5 - ( Roke na ruke naina - Arijit Singh by Rituparna | Ruby )

The 5th Sunday Choreo Shot was taken by Rituparna who taught a Choreography on the song "Roke Na Ruke Naina" by Arijit Singh. This was a Contemporary

Choreo Shot and it was fun but was also not so easy to learn. Some of the participants got some minor injuries while doing some of the steps but still they pushed themselves to finish the choreography. Steps like back roll and jazz slide were like a challenge to the participants but they tried their best and at the end of the session, they did it and left with a smile. 


Upon asking about their experience we got some interesting answers such as : 


"Very good dance class, Got a great opportunity to learn some new steps here," said Prateeti


"Best opportunity to learn one choreo in 1.5hrs. Lovely experience" said Priyanka


"Encouraging environment for dancing," Said Disha


"Had a back roll phobia, Overcame that! Loved the vibes and Choreography" said Pallavi

students payemtns