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SUNDAY CHOREO SHOTS Season 2 - 6 - ( All the way up - James the Mormon by Pinaki| Salt Lake )

The 6th Sunday Choreo shot was taken by Pinaki who taught a Choreography on the song "All the way up (Official Remix)" by James the Mormon, This was a Hip Hop

Choreo shot and it was all about style and power. The choreography was filled with some amazing steps and all of them enjoyed doing them and they pretty much nailed it when it came to the Dabs. There were parts where the instructor let the participants put their own style while doing some of the steps so it helped them explore a bit more and find out what makes them look super cool.


Upon asking about their experience we got some interesting answers such as :


"I loved the choreography and i got to learn a lot and overall it was a nice experience." said Nikhil.


"The experience was electrifying. The song as well as the Choreography was thrilling and a lot of new steps were there to learn." said Vishakha.


"This workshop was awesome, I improved my Musicality from this one. It was DABBB :)." said Dinesh.


"This was a wonderful workshop,i guess i will improve after this." said Karan.

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