Tai Chi Free Workshop in Twist N Turns

Tai Chi Free Workshop in Twist N Turns

What is TAI CHI?

Tai Chi is a science of well-being of the human body and just like any science it is based on the lessons learned by observing nature and basic principles of nature

like balance, harmony, stability, continuity, and flow of life in different forms, etc.

Tai Chi is a tool to align your body and mind with these basic principles- the purpose is to enhance the flow of life energy around us while we carry out our day to day modern lifestyle.

About the Program:

TAI CHI programs are designed by Australian family physician Dr. Paul Lam. He has incorporated his 40 years of experience in Medical Science, Tai Chi and Chinese medicines in all his programs. His programs are recognized and recommended by many health and medical research centers across the world.

About Instructors:

Sylvia and Kartikey are certified Instructors from world-renowned Tai for Health Institute (TCHI), Sydney, Australia.
Apart from being certified to teach several TAI CHI programs, the couple also enjoys practicing traditional forms like Yang 24, Sun 73, Yang style sword 51 forms, Wudang Five animals, etc.

Event Details:

Date: 16th September'2017
Time : 11:30 AM - 1 PM
Venue: BF 115, Salt Lake City Sector 1, Swimming pool area, near C.A.P camp, Kol - 64
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