Dance Studio Franchise Opportunities in India

Dance Studio Franchise Opportunities in India to the individuals and institutions genuinely interested in the promotion and development of Dance education. 


Twist N Turns Dance Studios can enrol the students and conduct the hobby learning level certificate courses in Dance on a regular basis.


The Twist N Turns Dance Studios franchise can also be applied independently or in combination with Twist N Turns Dance Studios.

Some frequently asked questions about Dance Studio Franchise 

Who can apply for Dance Studio Franchises?

Twist N Turns Dance Studios invites the dance teachers/professionals/artists/musicians, music DJs, dance instructors, events management companies, business entrepreneurs, established educational institutes, training business houses, homemakers and everyone with an interest in music and dance searching for a full-time profitable business venture or a part-time profitable business start-up through franchisee model to apply for Twist N Turns Dance Studios franchise / affiliated centre in your city/town/locality.

Twist N Turns Dance Studios franchise has been exclusively designed by prominent education business experts following a low investment and higher returns model for the basic and advanced education on music and dance.

What are the advantages and features of the Twist N Turns Dance Studios franchise?

  • ROI - Approx. 38%, likely payback period of capital in 1 - 3 years & royalty of 15% only.

  • Complete assistance for the institutional set-up - interiors, library and instruments.

  • Effective marketing / promotional assistance on regional, national & online levels.

  • Expert operational support from the franchise assistance team for day-to-day work.

  • Operational assistance including recruitment & training of the management & staff.

  • State or City wise Master Franchise / Multi-Unit franchise with territorial rights available. 

Who is the target audience?

Music and dance as a hobby or as a career have always been the highly pursued forms of performing arts by the young and adults alike making it a promising business investment opportunity with sound financial returns. 

The guidance of Twist N Turns Dance Studios business experts will help you in establishing the dance education and dance training business - 
  • right from laying the basic set-up of your business venture to 
  • interiors, 
  • training, 
  • financial management, 
  • space utilization, 
  • recruitment, 
  • library and instruments set up, 
  • promotions and 
  • operations. 

We will help you in every possible way to establish and operate a successful Twist N Turns Dance Studios brand franchise which will provide just everything in music and dance. Your own creativity, active support of Twist N Turns Dance Studios and the expected returns on investment in the special education sector being approximately 38%, definitely, this highly profitable, lifetime business opportunity has to sound music to your ears.

How much do you need to Invest?


Space in a good area with at least 1200 to 3500 square feet.
An initial investment of Rs 12 to 14 Lacs.
Franchisee royalty of 20% per month.

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