Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What age group classes do you have at Twist N Turns?

We start taking admission from 4 years old onwards.

What type of classes do you offer?

We offer classes for Creative Movement, Ballet, Jazz and Contemporary, Hip Hop, Salsa, and Bollywood. We also offer Zumba fitness classes for adults.

How long does it take to learn to dance?

Every person is different, but like with any other skill, it depends on the frequency of practice. The more you do it, the faster you’ll learn. We have advanced strategies to make learning fast, easy, and fun.
Also, it depends if your goal is to become a professional or social dancer. If you choose to compete, then you will be entering an exciting yet rigorous period of training. On the other hand, if you want to improve your social dance skills, then completing a basic dance program may be just what you need. Either way, practice makes perfect.

Do you provide certificates in the Twist N Turns Dance class?  

Yes, we do, after 6 months of continuing classes without any gap there is a small performance test, thereafter we provide a certificate.

Do the dance classes in Kolkata offer separate batches for men and women?

No, most of the dance classes in Kolkata offer separate batches for men and women in addition to common batches. But we do not believe in gender discrimination, hence everyone is equal in all the batches.

What are the differences between group classes, private lessons, and parties?

Group classes are perfect to learn fundamental elements, patterns, rhythms, and moves. 
Private lessons are completely customized to your needs, pace, ability, and schedule. Since we make a personalized program for each student, this is the most thorough learning process and guarantees the fastest results.
Our social parties are ideal settings to practice your newfound skills. We have an amazing community of teachers and students that support each other and grow together.
In addition, we also have special events such as showcases and competitions where you can take your dancing skills to the next level.

Can I achieve my fitness goals through dance?

We’re so glad you asked! Dancing is one of the best activities recommended by health experts and scientists for both body and mind.  Different styles and different tempos can help you achieve most fitness goals including cardio fitness, muscle toning, flexibility, strength, balance, and more. Look good, feel great, and have fun doing it!

How do I know what level class to sign up for my dancer?

For ballet classes, we have placement opportunities available for a Balance ballet teacher to assess the student and ensure he/she is placed in the appropriate level class.
For other classes, we recommend that dancers trial a class that seems like the correct age/level class, and the instructor can evaluate the student in the class to ensure he/she is in the correct class.  If not, the teacher will recommend which alternate class is most appropriate for that student.

Can I watch my child in class?

Yes, of course! 
We understand, that as parents, you want to know about your child's growth. Hence our studios are constructed in such ways that you can easily have a look at the class or else you can also sit inside the studio, every once a month.

What amenities are available at Twist N Turns Dance Studios?

For dancers: Our studios are equipped with wall mirrors, wood-sprung floors, a great sound system, and cubbies to store personal belongings.  We also have changing rooms in all our studios. Best of all, we have the most fun and, more importantly, the highest calibre instructors and a cooperative administration team.
For parents: We have comfortable lounge areas equipped with informative magazines and books, to make your waiting time interesting! 

What is the fee for enrolling in Twist N Turns dance class in Kolkata?

The monthly fees charged by dance classes depend on the duration of the course and the type of dance form. The approximate fees range between Rs. 1100 to Rs. 2500 and above.

Are there any other expenses outside of tuition?

Yes! We have an admission fee. But we also offer discounts on that.

What if I sign up for a session of classes and have to miss a class?

No problem! You can make up classes during the coming week. Once you sign up for a session and miss a class, you may attend a make-up class by informing the teacher. If you cannot make any other class in that week or the coming week, then you would lose a class (although we do go out of our way to make sure people are well taken care of).

What if I don’t see a class that works for my schedule?

Twist N Turns will consider adding an additional class to the schedule, if space allows if you can bring 5 or more dancers who want to take that class.  Otherwise, you can inform our studio managers about your requirements so that, with enough requests for the same class/time, we can potentially add the class.

I'm bringing someone; do I have to rotate partners?

Rotating partners is not solely for social reasons. It helps the learning process. It's necessary to properly learn how to lead and follow. Everyone has a different style, and changing partners will greatly enhance the speed at which you learn. That being said, you can always remove yourself slightly from the circle and not change partners - no problem!

Do I need to get a Partner?

Absolutely not! We rotate partners in class, and everyone will have ample partners. If we have an imbalance, extra people just wait in between couples and will get a partner in a couple of minutes (we switch partners quite a bit during class). We also do our best to have even classes.

What shoes should I wear to the Dance class?

If you have dance shoes then bring them. The ideal shoes have suede soles and hold your foot firmly in position. If you do not have dance shoes, wear something that is comfortable and that can slide quite easily on the floor without gripping. Leather soles are good, rubber soles are not. We recommend you do not wear trainers, boots or mules. The right footwear is essential in order to be able to carry out movements correctly and without injury. We stock a wide range of leather dance shoes for both ladies and gentlemen.

Where can I purchase dancewear?

With Twist N Turns you don't have to worry much!
We have our own setup in the name of Twist N Turns Wear. All you have to do is come to our studio and ask our studio managers. They will guide you with the correct size. Or you can visit our website https://wear.twistnturns.in/ to explore our whole collection.

When and where are the performance opportunities and who performs in these shows?

Our motive is not just to provide dance classes, but also to improve one's confidence in themselves. For that, we do organize 3 shows for our students.
For kids, we put up Dancing Wonders every year.
For seniors, we do Get On The Dance Floor, and our main annual show, where all the age groups perform, is organized once every two years!
So basically, we make sure our students get an ample amount of stage presence. For details, please consult at ur front desk.

What is your cancellation policy?

We make every effort to accommodate the schedules of our students. We also work hard to retain the best teachers in the industry. In order to protect the time of our teachers, we have a 24-hour cancellation policy, so please let us know in advance of cancellations to avoid being charged.




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