Ballet Dance Classes near me

Ballet Dance Classes near me, then nothing else but TWIST N TURNS shall come.


It is being provided especially for kids from 4-6 year old. Ballet dance class for beginners is offered at Twist N Turns. It is among the few institutes where

Ballet dance happens in Kolkata, and are being provided especially for kids. 

Some Frequently Asked Question about Ballet Dance Classes at Twist N Turns

Do you know what Ballet dance is all about?

Defining ballet can be challenging as it encompasses a unique blend of elements, making it distinct from other forms of artistic expression. Much like Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart's famous remark about pornography, it's often a case of "I know it when I see it."

Ballet is an exquisite art form that seamlessly weaves together choreography, scenic design, lighting, costumes, graceful movements, and typically accompanied by solemn music. This mesmerizing dance genre serves as a powerful means to convey a wide range of emotions and narratives, setting it apart as a truly exceptional and unparalleled art form.

What is the application process and procedure for Ballet dance class? Applicable only 4-7 years candidates. 

Applications are taken throughout the year. The course will commence only in four terms. To apply one must visit our centre and fill up the application form with one passport-size photo, the birth certificate along with Rs. 500/- as the application fee. This fee will be adjusted during the time of admission. On allotment, if one disagrees to take the admission then the application fee will be forfeited.

What is the course structure for ballet dance class?

FOR BELOW 5 YRS, we teach creative movement, which is basically the pre-dance class, a way for children to explore movement through music, develop physical skills, and stimulate the imagination. 
The course content also includes Body awareness, Strength, Conditioning, Space awareness, Expressions, and Musicality.
At the end of the course, all students have to appear for a performance test in the studio, where they have to demonstrate moves.
After the completion of both courses, the kids are selected and promoted to improvers or advanced batch, depending on their skill and level of performance and enthusiasm.
Not all kids make to the next level as it takes time to absorb the technique and mould oneself. Kids are retained in the same class until they excel because we believe only a strong base makes a strong dancer!

What is the class structure of ballet?

Each class is 1 hour, which will include 20 minutes of body conditioning (stretching, cardio, toning, strength), 20 minutes of technique and dance routine and 20 minutes of choreography.

What is the correct season for admission to the Ballet dance class?

Four terms in a year to enrol:
Winter - January
Rainy - July
Autumn- October

What are the class rules of a Ballet dance class?

80% attendance is mandatory. Students have to come in uniform. Also, refer to Dance Etiquettes

Do you provide certificates for Ballet dance classes?

The certificate is awarded to students on an internal examination basis conducted after the completion of course.
To attain the certificate one must attend a minimum of 39 classes.

You must be looking for our class time and schedule. Our team is eagerly waiting to talk to you.

Ballet Dance Classes near me

Salt Lake 

Tuesday & Thursday (5 - 6 PM)


Sat & Sun (12 - 1pm)


Wednesday & Friday (5 - 6 PM)

New Alipore

Tuesday & Thursday (4 - 5 PM)



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