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Frieda Frost

I am B-Girl Frost, member of the Dirty Mamas Crew and the Master Plan Crew. I am dedicated to dance. Breaking is what I love and do as much as


Melvin Louis, the epitome of passion and talent in the world of dance, hails from the vibrant city of Mumbai.

meher malik at twist n turns dance studio taking dance class

Meher Malik

Meher Malik's Journey in the World of Dance:

Meher Malik's journey in the world of dance is a fascinating and inspiring one. Her story is a testament to how dedication, passion, and a unique blend of dance styles can lead to significant recognition and the establishment of a dance school in a region where belly dancing was relatively unknown.

kenzo mendy taking dance workshow at twist n turns

Knzo Mendy

Kenzo Mendy: A Zumba Pioneer in Senegal

Kenzo Mendy is a Senegalese dancer, choreographer, and fitness instructor who is known for his passion for Zumba and his dedication to teaching the program to others. He is the founder of the Zumba Senegal community and has helped to promote Zumba throughout the country.

Kaytee Namgyal

Kaytee is the founder and the heart and soul of Salsa India. He lives and breathes Salsa and has had the courage and conviction to follow his dreams.

Bad Boys of Dance - USA

BAD BOYS OF DANCE was founded by dance superstar Rasta Thomas in 2007. BBD debuted at the 75th anniversary season of the world-renowned American dance

Sasha Waltz is a name synonymous with contemporary dance. As one of the most innovative and influential choreographers of her generation,

Sasha Waltz

Sasha Waltz: A Visionary Choreographer Takes the Stage in Kolkata. Sasha Waltz is a name synonymous with contemporary dance.

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