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Founder of Twist N Turns

Founder Owner of Twist N Turns

The Founder & Owner of Twist N Turns is Tapas Das, who is also  The Managing Director of the dance academy.

Nikita Sangai Twist N Turns
Nikita Sangai Twist N Turns

Nikita Sangai | Creative Director

Nikita has been passionate about dancing since the age of three. Taking the lead in all her school shows, Nikita was awarded the title of “Best Dancer” at
Twist N Turns Dance Instructor

Tamal Roy (JOJO)

Jojo is an energetic, physically fit and confident dance teacher with a successful track record of improving a student’s knowledge and understanding of

Twist N Turns Zumba Instructor

Soma Bose

Dance has been a great passion for me since childhood. Graduated from Rabindra Bharati University in Bharatanatyam, I was blessed with opportunities to perform

Twist N Turns Zumba Instructor

Zin Priyanksh

Live. Love. Teach. Repeat! Life was restricted to education, dance shows, and general fun for me. It completely lacked focus.

Malancha Bag zumba instructor

Malancha Bag

Malancha Bag - Twist N Turns says, "Dance has always been the hidden language of my soul. It has always been the healer and the breather for me."

Twist N Turns Zumba Instructor

Chandrima Roy

The word which defines me just after my name is 'DANCER'. I belong to an art-loving family. So, dance was always in my blood and never was apart from me. 

Twist N Turns Zumba Instructor

Monidipa Seth

Monidipa Seth is a talented and passionate dance and Zumba instructor at Twist N Turns, one of the most popular dance studios in the city.

Twist N Turns Dance Instructor

Prachi Gupta

For me, dance is the only thing which I will never ever get tired of...
It is something that refreshes my soul and makes me feel so happy with myself...

Twist N Turns Dance Instructor

Garima Agarwal

Dance to me is rediscovering myself.
I've been into dance since I was 3 or 4. Although it came to halt for some time that did not stop me from pursuing it as a career.

Rwitosree Das zumba instructor

Rwitosree Das

Rwitosree Das is a young and talented dancer from Kolkata, India who is making waves in the dance community with her outstanding skills and captivating performances.

Twist N Turns Dance Instructor

Ashish Singh

My dance journey has been a roller coaster ride!! It all started at my school when I was 7 years old.

Papiya Saha Twist N Turns Dance Trainee

Papiya Saha

Dancing for me is a non-verbal form of communication that expresses hidden emotions, ideas, and exploring oneself. Dance is a total ESCAPE from everything.

Swarna at Twist N Turns Dance

Swarna Dutta

Swarna Dutta: Dancing Through Life: A Journey of Expression and Exploration

Twist N Turns Dance Instructor

Arpita Kundu

Dancing has been a passion for a long time and, the word dance makes me the happiest person ever.

Twist N Turns Dance Instructor

Arpita Halder

DANCE IS MY LIFE!! It’s my voice, my escape zone, my passion.

I started training at the age of 3 from Kalpana’s Music World.


Twist N Turns Dance Instructor

Sarmistha Maity (Kity)

Dance is the only thing I can do the whole day long...
Dance gave me so much valuable things in my life.

Twist N Turns Dance Instructor

Siddharth Mondal

I think dance is one of the subjects that I can do to implement my imagination.

Twist N Turns Dance Instructor

Gourab Dey

Dance has always been the driving force in my life, the one constant that has kept me grounded and given me a sense of purpose. It is not just a hobby or a fleeting interest, but rather an intrinsic part of who I am.

Twist N Turns Zumba Instructor

Zin Rakhi Mondal

I started dancing when I was 3 years old. When I was a child, I used to dance to the songs that played on TV.

Puja saha dance teacher at twist n turns

Puja Saha

Puja Saha is a dance instructor at Twist N Turns, a dance studio in Kolkata, India. She specializes in Bollywood, Bharatnatyam, hip hop, semi-classical, and classical forms. She has been dancing for over 20 years and has trained in a variety of dance styles.

Twist N Turns Zumba Instructor

Zin Ankita Chatterjee

Dance connects us to society and culture in many universal and personal ways. Dance helps us to connect to our inner self.

Twist N Turns Ballet Instructor

Titli Dey

Every time I surrender myself to the rhythm, I transform into an improved version of who I was before. Dance, for me, is a rhythmic poetry expressed through the motion of the feet.

Twist N Turns Instructor Aman Chhetri

Aman Chhetri

That's great to hear that dance has become a form of meditation for me and a way to express my artistic soul.

Twist N Turns Dance Instructor Subham Hela

Subham Hela

Subham Hela: Weaving Dreams Through Dance - A Journey of Passion and Aspirations

Sasha Waltz is a name synonymous with contemporary dance. As one of the most innovative and influential choreographers of her generation,

Sasha Waltz

Sasha Waltz: A Visionary Choreographer Takes the Stage in Kolkata. Sasha Waltz is a name synonymous with contemporary dance.

meher malik at twist n turns dance studio taking dance class

Meher Malik

Meher Malik's Journey in the World of Dance:

Meher Malik's journey in the world of dance is a fascinating and inspiring one. Her story is a testament to how dedication, passion, and a unique blend of dance styles can lead to significant recognition and the establishment of a dance school in a region where belly dancing was relatively unknown.

kenzo mendy taking dance workshow at twist n turns

Knzo Mendy

Kenzo Mendy: A Zumba Pioneer in Senegal

Kenzo Mendy is a Senegalese dancer, choreographer, and fitness instructor who is known for his passion for Zumba and his dedication to teaching the program to others. He is the founder of the Zumba Senegal community and has helped to promote Zumba throughout the country.

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