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Monidipa Seth

"The job of feet is walking but their hobby is dancing." I started dancing since I was 3. Now I'm 23 and still, dance is the only way I can find the real me. Dance gives me

immense pleasure, that directly comes from the heart.

I see dance as a communication method between body and soul, to express the deepest that cant be expressed through words. I do different styles of dancing like Kathak, Freestyle, Hip-hop & Contemporary but, Contemporary is something that releases out all my stresses and tensions. it is like a meditation to me, a solution to all my problems as it relaxes my mind and enhances self-confidence and willpower within me.

Dance becomes a passion to me and now I am a certified Zumba trainer and a certified Bukwa fitness trainer. I am really glad to be a part of twist n turns. Zumba has always been a fun alternative to traditional exercise and I love the upbeat music too!

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