The Benefits of Private Dance Classes

The Benefits of Private Dance Classes

Private dance classes are a fantastic way to hone your skills, develop new techniques and progress faster than you would in a group class. As well as general benefits such as personal attention and the ability to choose the music, you can gain specific advantages from private lessons. If you’re thinking about signing up for private dance classes or have been offered them at your gym or studio but aren’t sure if they’re worth it, read on to find out why they’re a good investment of your time and money. 

Save time and frustration with Private Dance Classes

Private dance classes can help you avoid wasting time and frustration on moves that are outside your skill level, as the instructor will be able to identify your strengths and weaknesses. If you’ve been taking group classes for a while and have hit a sticking point, you might feel frustrated and unsure where to go from there. An experienced instructor will be able to identify your weaknesses, and work around them rather than making you feel inadequate. And, if the move is outside your skill level, you’ll be able to move on without frustration and disappointment. 

Develop specific skills

Private lessons are a great opportunity to hone specific skills that are important for your genre or style. If you want to improve your technique for a specific move – such as a lift, combination or skill that you want to incorporate into your routine – or learn a new skill such as choreography, private classes are the way to go. Depending on your skill level, the instructor might also be able to give more advanced feedback on moves you have down pat, helping you develop them further. 

Help you advance in your chosen genre

Dance is an extremely competitive sport, and different genres have different skill levels. With private classes, an instructor can help you progress to a level that will allow you to compete in your chosen genre. If you want to compete in a particular style, the instructor can help you reach the level necessary to compete at a recreational or competitive level, depending on your goals. 

Provide a safe space for experimentation

Private dance classes are also a great opportunity to experiment and try new, challenging moves that you might not feel comfortable attempting in a group setting. If you’re part of a dance team, coaches may not be comfortable with you trying certain moves, as they may not be safe or appropriate for the routines you’re performing. In a private lesson, you have a safe space to try new moves, get feedback and experiment with new skills. This can help you find and hone your signature moves, as well as build your performance confidence and courage. 

Help you find your voice and feel confident on stage

Speaking of performance confidence, private dance classes can help you get comfortable on stage, which is a necessary part of dancing. Even if you’ll never be on stage, practising in front of an instructor will help you get comfortable in front of an audience and build your performance confidence. A good instructor will help you find your voice and feel comfortable on stage and give you feedback on how to improve your technique and gain confidence in your performance. This can be incredibly useful when you’re competing, as you won’t be nervous about the routine itself, but about messing up in front of spectators. 

So, should you sign up for private dance classes?

To sum things up, private dance classes can help you save time and frustration, develop specific skills, advance in your chosen genre, provide a safe space for experimentation, help you find your voice and feel confident on stage, and provide feedback and improve your technique. What’s more, they give you total control over your learning and progression, so you can move as quickly as you like, and focus on the skills and moves you need most. So, if you’re interested in private dance lessons, don’t hesitate; to sign up and get started! For the best results, make sure to choose a reputable studio or instructor and try out different types of lessons, such as rhythm, technique or choreography, to see which best fits your needs.

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