Belly Dance Class in Kolkata

Belly Dance Class Near Me. Twist N Turns in association with Banjara School of Dance (Delhi).

Has already done numerous workshops. Belly Dance Class in Kolkata is a short course format. Just as we have always served you the best in all dance styles,

Belly dance form is no different! 


What is Belly Dance all about?

Bellydance is a "Western"- authored name for a customary "West Asian" move, particularly Raqs sharqi. It is in some cases additionally called Middle Eastern move or Arabic move in the West. Bellydance takes a wide range of structures relying upon the nation and locale, both in the ensemble and move style and new styles have developed in the West as its fame has spread universally. Albeit contemporary types of the move have for the most part been performed by ladies, a portion of the moves, especially the stick move, have roots in male types of execution. Raqssharqi (actually "eastern/oriental moving") is the style increasingly natural to Westerners, acted in cafés and cabarets around the world. It is all the more generally performed by female artists but at the same time is some of the time moved by men. It is a solo-improvisational dance, despite the fact that understudies frequently perform choreographed dances in a gathering. Raqs Baladi (actually "nearby moving", or "society" move) is the folkloric style, moved socially by people of any age in some Middle Eastern nations, for the most part at happy events, for example, weddings. Be that as it may, this naming is utilized equivalently in Egypt with Raqs sharqi as a nonexclusive term for "Bellydance".

Does Twist N Turns have regular belly dance classes?

As of now, we only arrange belly dance workshops. We make sure you always the best from us, hence we collaborate with different belly dancers across the country and get them for workshops for you!

When is the Belly Dance Class in Kolkata happening?

Please call us for a detailed understanding of the course and structures. For updates and upcoming classes please stay connected with our Facebook page to get details. 

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Where is the Belly Dance Class in Kolkata held?

Twist N Turns studios are spacious enough to arrange such workshops.
We have 6 studios all over Kolkata. So the location is decided as per the registrations for the workshop.


Join Class at:

Ballygunge                              |           Saturday 7 - 8:30 PM & Sunday 1:30-3 PM 



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