Dance Forms

This page tells you of all the dance forms we teach at Twist N Turns. We start our teaching from 4 years old. Have a look at what all we offer!

Jazz and Contemporary Dance Class in Kolkata

TWIST N TURNS is the only institute where Jazz and Contemporary dance class happens according to the ISTD syllabus. We have a combined class on Jazz and Contemporary dance class.

Creative Movement Dance for Children in Kolkata

Creative Movement Dance for Children is based on Ballet dance form which is a joyful way for children to explore movement through music, develop physical skills, channel energy,

Hip Hop Dance Classes near me

Hip Hop dance classes near me are most liked and searched by teenagers and young adults. Hip Hop Dance Class has different levels. From Beginners to Semi-Pro.

Belly Dance Class in Kolkata

Belly Dance Class Near Me. Twist N Turns in association with Banjara School of Dance (Delhi).

House Dance Class in Kolkata

House Dance Class in Kolkata.

House Dance is an amalgamation of the post-disco era. A lot of their movements and what took place in certain key places, the Jack and a number of clubs after that.

Bollywood Dance Class in Kolkata

Bollywood Dance Class in Kolkata.

How can you learn Bollywood Dance Class at Twist N Turns?

Learn Bollywood Dance from our Expert dance instructors. We have a team of Bollywood dancer, teacher, and choreographer with experience in all aspects of this popular dance genre.

Salsa and Bachata Dance Class in Kolkata Near me

If you search for Salsa and Bachata dance classes in Kolkata Near me, then you have landed in the right place. 

Dance Class for Kids near me

Search Dance class for Kids near me, and Twist N Turns is the best you could get.

Zumba Class Near Me | Kolkata

Zumba class near me or Zumba classes in Kolkata can be any of our studios. You can find it here, which is the closest studio to you. We have Zumba classes for Ladies which is 95% popular in Kolkata.

Ballet Dance Classes near me

Ballet Dance Classes near me, then nothing else but TWIST N TURNS shall come.

Bharatanatyam Classes Near Me
Bharatanatyam Classes Near Me

Bharatanatyam Classes Near Me

Bharatanatyam classes near me? Are you also searching for this? If you have, then the answer is a big YES!

You can now learn this Indian classical dance form at one of Kolkata's premier dance institutions. Yes! I’m talking about Twist N Turns, of course!

Intrigued? Click here to know more! 

Kathak Classes Near Me
Kathak Classes Near Me

Kathak Classes Near Me

If you are fascinated by the Kathak dance form and have been wondering, “Are there any Kathak classes near me?” Then, we have good news for you! Twist N Turns is launching its first-ever Indian classical dance classes! 

So put on your ghungroos and get ready to learn this Indian classical dance form from the best professionals in town! 

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