Dance Forms

Kids Ballet Class in Kolkata

TWIST N TURNS is the only institute where Ballet dance classes are being provided especially for kids. 

Zumba | The new way to fitness only at Twist N Turns

Yes!! We are the Largest team of Zumba Instructors in Kolkata. Why are we so good, find out yourself. Come and take a free trial class with our extraordinary talented,

Kids dance class in Kolkata

Application process and procedure. Applicable only below 12 years candidates. 

Applications are taken throughout the year. The course will commence only in four terms. To apply one must visit our center and fill up the application form with one

Salsa and Bachata Dance Class in Kolkata

How to join Salsa and Bachata classes?

Course and fees details for Salsa dance: 

 6 sessions, over 6 weeks to complete the course. The session will be conducted once a week. (The details you can call the desk to know the latest update.)

Bolly-Hop Dance Class in Kolkata

Confused about how to Join Bollywood dance classes at TWIST N TURNS? ....... Fret not!

The class is run in an open structure so anybody can join at any time. The techniques used in teaching are at a basic level so the difficulty level is at ease. This class

House Dance

"House Dance is an amalgamation of the post-disco era. A lot of their movements and what took place in certain key places, the Jack and a number of clubs after

Belly Dance in Kolkata

Just as we have always served you the best in all dance styles, Belly dance form is no different! 

Hip Hop | Street Dance class in Kolkata

Hip-hop is mostly liked by teenagers and young adults.  The class has different levels.

Creative Movement and Ballet Dance for Children in Kolkata

Creative Movement is based on Ballet dance form which is a joyful way for children to explore movement through music, develop physical skills, channel energy,

Jazz & Contemporary | Dance class in Kolkata

TWIST N TURNS is the only institute where Jazz dance is taught according to the ISTD syllabus. We have combined class on Jazz and Contemporary

himanshu dulani workshop
Join a one day workshop with Himanshu Dulani.

Date: 26th January
Time: 12pm-2pm

Newtown studioHire state of the art Dance studios for rehersals, choreographies, workshops and small events at a very nominal rates.

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Bollywood Dance,

Cash Back offers going on for Bollywood batches till 2nd Feb 2020.
Take a trial and find out yourself.


Commencing batches at Twist N Turns

Bachata demo NTR 3

New batches commencing on various styles like Salsa, Hip Hop, Jazz, Contemporary, House, BBoyin, You will find the dates, fees and the commencing dates of all the activities. 


Zumba in Kolkata | 22 Licensed Instructors

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Join as Instructor | Opportunities are rare.


We are always looking for talented dancers who are willing to take up dance as a career.




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