Bookings - Corporate

Bookings - Corporate

"Happy employees lead to happy customers, and happy customers lead to happy employers".

Productivity. Performance. Efficiency.

Acknowledging the hard work exerted by your team is

the key for any leader. Not only it encourages a higher standard of performance, but it will lead to higher customer satisfaction and yes, higher profits.

According to a RAND Corporation study, every $1 invested in overall wellness efforts yields a return on investment of $1.50." – FORBES.
Who wouldn’t want a giant slide next to their desk? But we are not all Google or Facebook. So how do you stay ahead in employee productivity and wellness, without having to break the bank and build a Silicon Valley-style indoor amusement park for your employees?

For your next employee wellness program, why not do something different?
Why not try an activity that has a reputation of research-proven physical and mental benefits for your team? Most of all, why not try something fun?

TWIST N TURNS presents “Dance for corporates”.


Surprised? You shouldn’t be.
Dancing is socially interactive, expressive, and dynamic, which leads our senses to fire on all cylinders. Not to mention the enormous benefits dancing has to offer in the areas of confidence, etiquette, and empathy. All of which are crucial for a company to function well.

After all happy employees, happening work!

We provide:-

  • Performances of folk, classical, bollywood, western styles for Annual Meet, Dealers Meet, Conference, or any other occasions. 
  • Choreography sessions for your team members.
  • Interactive Dance Workshops on Salsa, Zumba Fitness etc., which act as ice breakers and stress busters.
  • Dance Therapy sessions on developing team building, leadership skills, improve postures, promote healthy living, enhancing social life, grooming personalities and more.
  • Regular classes on various dance forms focusing on fitness at your office venues to promote interesting work life. 

We are looking forward to working with you.
Contact us on: 9830021421 / 9163071203 / 9830028011.



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