Dance Troupes in Kolkata | Twist N Turns Performance Team

Dance Troupes in Kolkata | Twist N Turns Performance Team

What are you looking for?

The best dance troupe in Kolkata?
The best Bollywood dance troupe in Kolkata?
The best dance troupe for a wedding?
The best professional dance troupe?

Your search is over because you are in the right place!

Twist N Turns dance troupe has performed at several dances shows all over India. Ranging from Bollywood Dance, Western Dance, African Dance, Folk Dance, and various cultural dance forms, our dance troupe has performed a variety of dance forms.

But the question is, what are you exactly looking for?
Our dance troupes shall perform at your event or party, whatever you are planning for!

Here, we provide you with an opportunity to not only learn but also grow from our experiences. You will get a complete package at your fingertips. Whatever be the theme of your event, you’ll get it accomplished by us.

To make your event exciting, full filled, and more entertaining, all you need is the right mix of steps and the blend of perfect music!
Whether it be- a birthday party, a wedding ceremony, a corporate event, or any other party, people do look for these and with the right amount of it, your party will be a hit.

We have a strong team of professionally trained, dedicated and experienced dancers and choreographers, who are experts in various forms of dance, and will liven up your event.

Located at 6 major locations across Kolkata, our main motive is customer satisfaction. We cater to various needs, including private classes, group dance lessons, and events. Some of the various forms that you will be able to learn and perform with us and the facilities that we provide are:

  • Bollywood Dance Troupe, for Bollywood, themed event, a blend of thumkas, masala, and unlimited fun.
  • Bengali Dance Troupe, for authentic Bengali-themed event.
  • Western Dance Troupe, for forms like hip-hop, ballet, salsa and others.
  • African Dance Troupe, for dance forms like jazz, tap dance, twerking, and others.
  • Folk Dance or Cultural Dance Troupe, for dance forms like Bihu, Garba, Dandiya, Ghoomar, Lavani, Gidda and others.

So what more are you thinking?
Let us lessen your work. Go through our FAQs to get clarity before you hit the call button.

What can you hire our dance troupes for?

You can hire our dance troupes for a party, for sangeet events, for weddings, for community events, for social events, for commercial events, for annual meets, or any other event.

Do we only provide dance troupes, or can you hire us for other functions too?

We provide choreographers who train you or a group of people for the event, and also with professional dancers to perform at the event. We can train for solo performances, duet performances, or even group performances depending upon your requirement.

Which dance team is suitable for weddings?

In India, Bollywood rules!
Hence for weddings, we have our Bollywood dance troupe who are specifically trained to make your event a hit. You can also hire our Bollywood dance troupe for your other family functions like birthday parties, baby shower, anniversaries, etc.

How early should you make the booking?

Our dancers and dance troupes are booked throughout the year. During the season-time, we also provide double shifts to our clients.
But to avoid chaos, you must call us as soon as you finalize your event. The sooner the better.

Do we provide private dance lessons?

Good choreographers can help you create fond memories for you to cherish in years to come. At Twist N Turns, we know what it takes to make your event special and happening, and our choreographers offer private lessons to help you perfect moves on your favourite song.

Do we provide dance troupe for sangeet and weddings?

Of course, we do!
We know that it means the world to the wedded couple when their family, friends, and all their loved ones perform a dance routine. You create memories to last a lifetime and it's our responsibility to make it worthy. What’s more interesting is that you can even hire our professional dancers to dance alongside you or in the background just like you see in the movies.

Do we provide dance troupes for corporate events?

Our professional dancers are trained to perform in various events.
Corporate events are always in demand for us. We are just a call away for hiring a dance troupe for any of your corporate events.

Do we provide choreographers/dance troupes outside Kolkata?

Glad you asked!
Our priority is to give you the best service and that's what Twist N Turns is known for.
We make sure, the destination doesn't hamper any of your big plans. So yes, we do provide professional choreographers and dance troupes for events outside Kolkata.

We make it our utmost priority to make your experience one of a kind that you can cherish for your lifetime and for that all you need to do is call us and tell your specification so that we can arrange as per your needs and our requirements.




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