Pay Per Class (PPC) -fees

This is the premium plan that is better known as a drop-in class system. This plan is convenient for students who can not commit to a particular batch.  This plan is suitable for people who wish to just drop in and try some classes for random interest or are here in the city for vacation, summer holidays or those just wanting to try out dancing.
1. You can do multiple classes of different dance forms, in a day.
2. You save more because you only pay for the classes you are going to attend, unlike for a course, where a class missed is also counted.
3. No certification of any course.
4. No classes are committed, i.e., no back up for any class canceled.
5. Terms & Conditions Applied.

1 Class = Rs. 600/-  (No Validity)
5 Classes Package = Rs. 1750/-  (20 days Validity)
10 Classes Package = Rs 3000/-  (30 Days  Validity)
20 Classes Package = Rs 5500/-  (60 Days Validity)

This one is a great deal if you are confused about the many different dance forms, are unsure which ones to try or are in the city for a short span!
dance class near me for adults with fees
dance class near me with fees

Regular course fees

This plan is suitable for people who wish to join a particular dance form and continue for long or till they finish the course. 

1. You become a regular student. i.e., there is always a spot reserved for you in class.
2. If by any chance you have to discontinue, then at the time of re-joining, only monthly fee and no re-admission fee, will be charged.
3. Unlike the pay per class plan, in this plan, one will be given a particular timing and days to come for a particular batch.
4. You get discounts (only for members) for international workshops, accessories, goodies, etc.
5. Classes canceled are adjusted.
Admission Fee:
One time membership fee at the time of enrolment which is Rs 1500/-. and the same is refunded as cash back.
Course fee:
The fee varies with dance form and age. We request to go to the 'Classes' on the menu bar and select your category, age, and dance form to know the fee.
We have several categories from basic to premium and the fees depend on factors. 
Hence is varies from Rs 800 to 2000/- per month as per your package.

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dance class near me for adults with fees

dance class for adults near me

dance classes in kolkata for adults
New batches commencing for Salsa at Salt Lake from 20th November 2019.
You can be in a pair or single, doesnt matter.
Get Rs. 1500 cashback if you enroll before 15th Nov 2019.

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New batches commencing for Hip Hop!!
Avail Rs1500 cash back if enrolled before 15th Nov 2019.

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New batches commencing on various style like Salsa, Hip Hop, Jazz, Contemporary, House, BBoyin,,,,, You will find the dates, fees and the commencing dates of all the activities. 


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