Creative Movement Dance for Children in Kolkata

Creative Movement Dance for Children is based on Ballet dance form which is a joyful way for children to explore movement through music, develop physical skills, channel energy,

stimulates imagination and promote creativity.

What more should I know about Creative Movement dance for children?

Our Creative Movement dance program for children is designed to harness body actions as a means to convey images (such as the wind), express ideas (like embarking on a journey), or convey emotions (e.g., strength). This engaging experience fosters creativity and is open to children who are potty-trained, can follow basic instructions, and are comfortable saying goodbye to their parents at the classroom entrance.

Through creative movement, children explore their bodies, the surrounding space, and their interactions with peers. Our activities are inclusive, encouraging every child to actively participate and learn.

Creative Movement serves as a vehicle for children to gain self-awareness and establish connections with the world around them. It's a unique way for them to develop a deeper understanding of themselves and their place in the broader context of the world.

How does it affect our child's health & fitness?

In our urban surroundings, various physical constraints can hinder children's development of coordination and agility. Researchers are growing more alarmed by the declining levels of physical activity in children, noting a trend where kids are being encouraged to opt for a more sedentary lifestyle.
This underscores the critical importance of movement classes. These classes are a vital component in offering children opportunities to engage in locomotor activities, contributing significantly to their overall fitness levels..

How does creative movement dance create body awareness?

Children need to gain a better mental picture of their own bodies. Controlling their own bodies is the first type of control children have over themselves. It is the first step toward developing internal control and self-discipline. Body awareness is an essential part of becoming aware of our feelings because they exist in our minds AND bodies. When we feel angry or excited, we feel it in our whole self. Body awareness is also important in the development of spatial orientation. Children who do not perceive the space of their own bodies may frequently misjudge distances or bump into things. It also helps with the development of motor skills. Creative movement activities focus on body awareness, motor fitness, rhythmic skill, strength, flexibility, coordination, endurance, and physical vitality.

What is the classroom etiquette for creative movement dance for children?

Children will always move! Creative movement gives children the opportunity for movement that relieves tension, which would otherwise be expressed as “wiggling.” Also, children become more capable of determining what kind of movement is appropriate for different situations, for example, when to move freely and when to move carefully. Creative movement helps children gain more experience in concentrating, and develop higher levels of awareness of themselves and others. Contributions in the group will become more frequent and productive as children become more comfortable.

Does creative movement dance boost self-esteem?

Self-esteem is the GREATEST benefit of incorporating creative movement into any curriculum. As children learn more and develop new skills, their self-esteem increases. When a child exclaims, 'I did it!' or 'I know that!' they are showing the power they feel in their own competence. A child's self-esteem is also enhanced through participation in activities where their contributions are valued.

What is the purpose of learning a creative movement dance form?

We live in a time where people are desperately seeking meaning in their life. One significant thing we can teach children is how to find meaning and exhilaration in activities that will nourish, rather than destroy them. Incorporating creative movement into a child's education will not "save the world," but it will help them become more aware of themselves, sensitive to others, and actively conscious of the world they share.
Creative Movement is an opportunity for all children, regardless of age, special needs, or developmental stage, to interact with each other. It is a great energy release. And best of all, it’s FUN!

What is the class structure of creative movement dance for children?

Each class is 1 hour, which will include:
20 minutes of body conditioning (stretching, cardio, toning, strength)
20 minutes of technique and dance routine
20 minutes of choreography.

What is the correct seasons for admission to the class?

Four terms in a year to enroll:
Winter - January
Rainy - July
Autumn- October

What are the rules of the Creative Movement dance class?

80% attendance is mandatory.
Students have to come in uniform.
Also, refer to Dance Etiquettes.

Do you provide certificates for the Creative Movement dance class?

The certificate is awarded to students on an internal examination basis conducted after the completion of course.
To attain the certificate one must attend a minimum of 39 classes.

What is the Class Schedule of creative movement dance for children?

We have different timing for different studios, please check the schedule below.


 Salt Lake

Monday & Wednesday (4 - 5 PM)

Monday & Wednesday (6-7 PM)

Tuesday & Friday (4 - 5 PM)

 Dum Dum Park

Wednesday & Friday (4:30 to 5:30 PM)

Saturday (5 - 6 PM) & Sunday (10 - 11 AM)


Tuesday & Friday (6 - 7 PM)

Saturday (4 - 5 PM) & Sunday (10 - 11 AM)

Saturday (5 - 6 PM) & Sunday (11 AM - 12 PM)


Tuesday & Thursday (4 - 5 PM)

Saturday (5 - 6 PM) & Sunday (11 AM - 12 PM)


Tuesday & Thursday (4 - 5 PM)

Saturday (5 - 6 PM) & Sunday (11-12 PM)

 New Alipore

Wednesday & Friday (4 - 5 PM)

Saturday (5 - 6 PM) & Sunday (11 AM - 12 PM)

Saturday (6 - 7 PM) & Sun (12 - 1 PM)



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