Dance Etiquettes for Students

By simply following these ‘ten golden rules’ on Dance Etiquettes, everyone will have a great time and get the maximum benefit from their dance class or workshop. 

What is the ATTIRE in Twist N Turns Dance Studio?

1. No Street shoes allowed in the studio space. (bring clean shoes to use if they are required by the instructor).
2. Wear suitable attire. Avoid carrying too much jewellery, coins or costume accessories to dance class.
3. We do not have a set dance attire rule but please dress with respect for yourself and others in the class. Dance class requires clothing that is fitted close to the body so correct placement can be observed.
4. Hair must be secured in a bun/pony for jazz and salsa, pulled back and off the neck for all other classes.
5. Avoid strong perfumes and colognes.

Look Good! Groom, yourself to feel better in class. Take pride in the way you appear.

What is the Dance Etiquettes to be maintained while in Twist N Turns Dance STUDIO?

1. Enter or Exit the studio with the Instructor's permission.
2. Do not touch Studio property, such as the music system, mirror, barre, etc.
3. Chewing gum, eating, or drinking is not allowed in the studio.
4. Keep the toilets clean. Maintain hygiene.

What is the BEHAVIOUR required to be maintained while in the Dance Studio?

1. Show respect for your teacher. 
2. Be on time. There is no excuse for being late.
3. Turn off cell phones, do not answer phones and leave class.
4. Be considerate of students around you. People learn at different rates and in different ways. 
5.No talking and giggling. Avoid talking to other students during class. Keep your attention focused on the teacher.
6. Avoid being a know it all. Yes, you have had another teacher somewhere who called a certain move something, but it should not give you the license to disrupt the whole class and talk about it.
7. Take notes when sitting out of active participation. If for some reason, you absolutely can not continue the class by no means, leave. When students walk out the door, it shows a lack of respect for the teacher.
8. Focus on the technique and movements of the class and do not practice other class combinations during this class time.
9. Let the teacher teach. Accept corrections as positive criticism, use it as an opportunity to grow. 
10. Keep an open mind and please do not complain. Do not compare them to other teachers.
11. Watch the teacher’s performance or demonstration. If the teacher is kind enough to perform or demonstrate for the class, watch in silence.
12. Inform your instructor or the studio attendants if you have a problem or concern with another student or instructor.

Just follow these simple dance etiquettes, and you are set to create a good impression on your teacher.

Give it your best! You are only in competition with yourself.

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