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Dance classes near you in Kolkata

This page is to give you information regarding different class timings of all Twist N Turns studios.
Having 6 studios in Kolkata, every studio has different class timings according to different locations.

Here, we shall only update about the on-going classes in Twist N Turns. The main objective of this is to inform you about the latest updates from our studios so that you never miss a chance to visit us at an appropriate time.

You have information about all our studios segregated in different sections.

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Welcome to Twist N Turns

It is our pleasure to invite you into a world that is absolutely magical – the world of Dance.

"We, at TWIST N TURNS (TNT), take full pride and joy in embracing people from all cultural backgrounds and educating them in one of our most beautiful heritage, Dance, both National and International !!! "

When someone asks us why we should dance, we ask, “Why not?” Which other activity brings together expression, creativity, fitness, therapy and is one of the social graces as well?


Dance, at its best, is art - etched by a body moving in rhythm to the music. But, while dance as art may be beyond most of us, dance as an expression is available to all of us. And if we can express ourselves with some technique and some skill, why not learn?

Dance, at its peak, is athleticism of Olympic levels – requiring strength, fitness, endurance and stamina of champions. Even at its most basic level, it is a form of full-body exercise with immense cardiovascular benefits.
But dance is not just physical fitness. Dance is one of the most effective stress-busters – combining as it does an avenue for expression as well as physical exercise.

Dance also is a social grace. While we may not have to get up and dance at every social occasion, dance teaches us basic courtesies like learning to move without stepping on anyone else toes.

Dance inculcates in us a range of life skills – from confidence, teamwork, awareness and consideration of others.
But above all, dance is elemental. It is present in each and every human being – maybe more hidden in some than in others.
But, yes, it is there.

"So, come dance with us and connect with this elemental part of yourself."


Dance Etiquettes for Students

Dance Class Etiquette

By simply following these ‘ten golden rules’, everyone will have a great time and get the
maximum benefit from their dance class or workshop.

1. No Street shoes allowed in the studio space. (bring clean shoes to use if they are required by the instructor).
2. Wear suitable attire. Avoid wearing too much jewelry, coins or costume accessories to dance class.
3.We do not have a set dance attire rule but please dress with respect for yourself and others in class. Dance class requires clothing that is fitted close to the body so correct placement can be observed.
4. Hair must be secured in a bun/pony for jazz and salsa, pulled back and off the neck for all other classes.
5. Avoid strong perfumes and colognes.

Look Good! Groom yourself to feel better in class. Take pride in the way you appear.

1. Enter or Exit studio with the Instructor's permission.
2. Do not touch Studio property, such as the music system, mirror, barre, etc.
3. Chewing gum, eating or drinking is not allowed in the studio.
4. Keep toilets clean. Maintain hygiene.

1. Show respect for your teacher. 
2. Be on time. There is no excuse for being late.
3.Turn off cell phones, do not answer phones and leave class.
4. Be considerate of students around you. People learn at different rates and in different ways. 
5.No talking and giggling. Avoid talking to other students during class. Keep your attention focused on the teacher.
6. Avoid being a know it all. Yes, you have had another teacher somewhere who called a certain move something, but it should not give you the license to disrupt the whole class and talk about it.
7. Take notes when sitting out of active participation. 
If for some reason, you absolutely can not continue the class by no means, leave. When students walk out the door, it shows a lack of respect for the teacher.
8.Focus on the technique and movements of the class and do not practice other class combinations during this class time.
9. Let the teacher teach. Accept  corrections as positive criticism, use it as an opportunity to grow. 
10. Keep an open mind and please do not complain. Do not compare them to other teachers.
11. Watch the teacher’s performance or demonstration. If the teacher is kind enough to perform or demonstrate for the class, watch in silence.
12. Inform your instructor or the studio attendants if you have a problem or concern with another student or instructor.

Give it your best! You are only in competition with yourself.

Join as Instructor | Opportunities are rare.

Instructors Job

Have you always thought of making your career in dance? If you are a born dancer, have some foundation in dance techniques, want to grow your knowledge more and are passionate about spreading the love of dance, come to us at Twist n Turns.

Twist n Turns is a premier dance studio in the city, teaching 10 dance styles – from hip-hop to jazz to salsa. At Twist n Turns dance studios, we will help you grow your dance career. Exposure to international and national artistes, progressive and sustained training along with repertory performances will help you grow as a dancer and artiste.

Payment: We are the only dance company in Kolkata that pays on an hourly basis, making us the most highly paid dance studio in Kolkata. 

Apply: Please email us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with a Subject Name as : Instructorship Job. 

We have very limited opportunities so don't delay. Just email us your CV and call us on 9830021421 for help.



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Dance classes near you in Kolkata | All basic level batches

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New batches commencing on various style like Salsa, Hip Hop, Jazz, Contemporary, House, BBoyin,,,,, You will find the dates, fees and the commencing dates of all the activities. 


Zumba in Kolkata | 22 Licensed Instructors

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Join as Instructor | Opportunities are rare.

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We are always looking for talented dancers who are willing to take up dance as a career.




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