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Twist N Turns dance studio caters dance training, teaching and educating services at its dance studios. Dance styles like Hip Hop, Jazz, Contemporary, Ballet, Bollywood, Locking, Popping, House, Old School, Salsa, Bachata and more. The styles are taught separately to different age groups. start from 3.5 years old.

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All dance styles are taught by an individual expert in the fields.

Twist N Turns is happy about! 

It is our pleasure to invite you into a world that is absolutely magical – the world of Dance. "We, at TWIST N TURNS (TNT), take full pride and joy in embracing people from all cultural backgrounds and educating them in one of our most beautiful heritage, Dance, both National and International !!! "

When someone asks us why we should dance, we ask, “Why not?” Which other activity brings together expression, creativity, fitness, therapy and is one of the social graces as well?


Dance, at its best, is art - etched by a body moving in rhythm to the music. But, while dance as art may be beyond most of us, dance as an expression is available to all of us. And if we can express ourselves with some technique and some skill, why not learn?

Dance, at its peak, is the athleticism of Olympic levels – requiring strength, fitness, endurance, and stamina of champions. Even at its most basic level, it is a form of full-body exercise with immense cardiovascular benefits.
But dance is not just physical fitness. Dance is one of the most effective stress-busters – combining as it does an avenue for expression as well as physical exercise.

Dance also is a social grace. While we may not have to get up and dance at every social occasion, dance teaches us basic courtesies like learning to move without stepping on anyone else toes.

Dance inculcates in us a range of life skills – from confidence, teamwork, awareness, and consideration of others.
But above all, dance is elemental. It is present in each and every human being – may be more hidden in some than in others.
But, yes, it is there.

"So, come to dance with us and connect with this elemental part of yourself."

From the Director

Tapas Das the director welcomes you to twist n turnsThank you for your interest in Twist N Turns! 
Twist N Turns dance studios have a relaxed, fun-filled atmosphere while also promoting a positive learning environment. I would like to give you some information and policies regarding the dance studio. We start to form classes in early summer.
Students must join in a summer session or at the new fall session. We do not let new students join throughout the school year as technique and recital performance material begins right away first semester. Classes will be based primarily on grade level, however, the instructor reserves the right to move individual students according to their skill level. We want students to have fun and be with their friends as much as possible, but we also want the class skill level to be equal and for all students to learn at the same pace.
Please let us know specifically what class or classes your child is interested in taking. Kindly get in touch with our studio managers for that. Registration takes place in mid to late March at the dance studio. At this time, you will fill out the necessary paperwork and will need to pay at least 1st-semester tuition fees. You will also have the opportunity to order jazz and ballet shoes from the studio itself. You will also be able to tour the studio and meet the instructors.
For any further questions, please leave a message at 9830028063, or for the quickest response, you may email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and I will get back to you as soon as possible. I really look forward to hearing from you! Again, thank you for your interest in Twist N Turns Dance Studio!


Owner and Director
Tapas Das

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