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Nikita Sangai | Creative Director

Nikita's passion for dance has been evident since her early years. She consistently led school performances, earning the title of "Best Dancer" throughout her school and college years.

Her dedication transformed into a professional career in 2007, and she has flourished ever since. Proficient in Jazz, Contemporary, and Hip Hop, Nikita is also a trained Salsa dancer and instructor, with numerous national performances to her credit.

Specializing in creative movement for toddlers aged 3-4 years, Nikita is a licensed Zumba Instructor, adored by her students who eagerly await her classes. She has advanced her expertise with a specialization in Zumbatomic, a Zumba fitness program for children.

Currently undergoing rigorous training in Belly Dance, Nikita is passionate about spreading this ancient Egyptian art form within her community. Her skills are in high demand for her innovative show conceptualizations, encompassing themes, sets, and overarching messages.

Nikita believes that dance goes beyond mere performance, seeking deeper meaning in her passion. This pursuit led her to discover Dance Movement Therapy, a psycho-therapeutic use of dance and movement to address emotional, physical, and cognitive disorders. Now a certified Dance Movement Therapist, she aims to help individuals overcome challenges and improve their lives through dance.

As an Event Manager and Conceptualizer, Nikita has an impressive portfolio, including:
- Creating ad content for companies
- Managing national-level events like the IPL 2013 in Kolkata
- Developing tourism advertisements for West Bengal
- Organizing dance shows for blind children
- Conducting team-building motivational group events

In addition to her dance career, Nikita is a budding author, with her poetry book published on November 22, 2022. Her book is available for order on Amazon.

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