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Dance and Zumba Classes at Salt Lake

Zumba & Dance Classes at Salt Lake - Located at BF Block near Salt Lake swimming pool.
It is our Home office as well.

Address: BF 115, Camp Island Near Swimming Pool Salt Lake City, Sector 1, Kolkata-64.

Head Office Helpline: 9831018015 | Whatsapp: 9830028063 

Manager Mobile: 9163071203

Visiting Hours : Mon-Sat :11-8pm & Sunday : 9-3pm. Open on all 7 days.

SL reception 1 dance classes at Salt Lake

The dance classes at Salt Lake studio was the first place that witnessed the dreams of Twist 'N' Turns in 2005. First, in the line of many, the studio is located in a prime location in Kolkata with all the facilities a dance studio can have. The dance studio is located in the same place for around 15 years and this makes it the headquarters of Twist 'N' Turns from where all the operations are managed.

Dance classes at Salt Lake Studio specifications

  • The studio is divided into two halves where one covers 600 ft. and the other 400 ft. area
  • The studio is air-conditioned with wooden flooring for the comfort of our dancers
  • For all those parents worried about the sweat and smell, well the studio provides a hygienic environment for the kids
  • Each studio is equipped with its own washroom

SL studio 3 dance classes at Salt Lake

  • With an appropriate waiting area, there is enough comfort for the parents as their children dance their hearts out
  • The studios also have changing rooms

The dance classes at Salt Lake studio of Twist N Turns has classes and trainers of various dance forms.

The dance forms taught in this studio are:-

  • Kids creative movement
  • Jazz
  • Contemporary
  • Hip-hop
  • Salsa
  • Bollyhop
  • Zumba

We try to do our best and maintain the standard and hopes high. We constantly upgrade our teaching so that the student never gets bored and learns to remember. We believe in personal guidance to each of our students as it improves them to make them better than before. You can know more about us through our videos.

Currently, we have 6 locations in Kolkata, and by following these simple rules, over the years Twist 'N' Turns has managed to become a brand rather than just a dance studio.


 Dance classes at Salt Lake Current Time Table

creative movement -dance classes at Salt Lake

Timing for Creative Movement Dance Class

4 - 5 YEARS

MON & WED (4 - 5 PM)
TUE & FRI (4 - 5 PM)


kids hip hop 1 dance classes at Salt Lake

Timing for Kids Hip Hop Dance Class

5 - 7 YEARS

SAT (4 -  5 PM) & SUN (11AM - 12PM)
MON & WED (5 - 6 PM)


kids ballet dance classes at Salt Lake

Timing for Kids Ballet Dance Class

6 - 12 YEARS

TUE & FRI (5 - 6  PM)



teens hip hop dance classes at Salt Lake

Timing for Teens Hip Hop Dance Class

8 - 12 YEARS

SAT (3 - 4 PM) & SUN (10 - 11 AM)


hip hop 1 dance classes at Salt Lake

Timing for Hip Hop Dance Class

SAT (6 - 7 PM) & SUN (12 - 1 PM)
SAT (7 - 8 PM) & SUN (1 - 2 PM)


girls dancing Jazz at dance classes at Salt Lake

Timing for Jazz and Contemporary Dance Class

TUE & FRI (6 - 7 PM)


students dancing Bolly Hop at dance classes at Salt Lake

Timing for Bolly Hop Dance Classes at Salt Lake

MON & WED (6 - 7 PM)
SAT (5 - 6 PM & SUN (11AM - 12PM)


instructors dancing salsa at dance classes at Salt Lake

Timing for Salsa Dance Classes at Salt Lake

SUN (3 - 4 PM)
SUN (2 - 3 PM)


zumba session at dance classes at Salt Lake

Timing for Zumba Dance Classes at Salt Lake

TUE, WED & FRI (7:15 - 8 PM)
MON, WED & THURS (5 - 6 PM)
SAT & SUN (8 - 9 AM)

Twist N Turns dance classes is something that you wouldn't want to miss. We also give Free trial classes for you so that you are always aware of what you a re buying.

For more information, please visit our studio.




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