Hip Hop Dance Classes near me

Hip Hop dance classes near me are most liked and searched by teenagers and young adults. Hip Hop Dance Class has different levels. From Beginners to Semi-Pro.

Hip Hop is a Street Dance style. Hence teenagers are crazy about it.


Some Frequently Asked Question about Hip Hop Dance Classes at Twist N Turns


What is Hip Hop Dance Class at Twist N Turns?

Innovativeness consistently originates from the heart and Hip Hop Dance is about creating the manner in which you move. Basically, this type of dance is a street dance style or what we call urban ethnic Dance. Hip Hop Dance has developed as a piece of the hip-jump culture, from where hip-hop music has additionally risen. As of late, it has gotten tremendously well known among teenagers. To communicate one's imaginative ability, Hip Hop dancing is maybe the most ideal manner by which impressions and articulations originate from the spirit. Hip Hop Dance goes about as a decent exercise for artists and furthermore encourages them to improve adaptability, create body parity, and arrange muscles. It likewise empowers the artists to build up their own style and to remain fit as a fiddle. There are numerous means and developments in Hip Hop Dance that don't make them part of artful dance and couples dance. This style of dance can be learned by any individual who is distinctly intrigued, paying little mind to age or sex.

What is the class structure of hip hop dance classes at Twist N Turns?

Each class is 1 hour, which will include:
20 minutes of body conditioning (stretching, cardio, toning, strength)
20 minutes of technique and dance routine
20 minutes of choreography.

What is the correct time for admission to the class?

Four terms in a year to enroll:
Winter - January
Rainy - July
Autumn- October

What are the rules of the Hip Hop dance classes?

80% attendance is mandatory. Students have to come in uniform. Also, refer to Dance Etiquettes.

Do you provide certificates for the Hip Hop dance class?

The certificate is awarded to students on an internal examination basis conducted after the completion of the course.
To attain the certificate one must attend a minimum of 39 classes.

What is the class schedule for Hip Hop and Street dance at Twist N Turns?

We have different class timings for different studios. The detailed list mentions the website. Please click below to find the table.


Hip Hop dance class performance by Twist N Turns students at Stage show.

Kindly check the schedule of Hip Hop Dance Classes.


Salt Lake

Saturday (6- 7 PM) & Sunday (12 - 1 PM) OR

Saturday (7 - 8PM) & Sunday (1 - 2 PM)

Dum Dum Park

Saturday (6.30-7.30 PM) & Sunday (1 - 2 PM)


Saturday & Sunday (1 - 2 PM)

Saturday (6 -  7 PM) & Sunday (4 - 5 PM)


Saturday (5 - 6 PM) & Sunday (12 - 1 PM) 

New Alipore

Saturday (6 - 7 PM) & Sunday (1 - 2 PM)



All Hip Hop Dancing courses

Whether you’re a beginner looking for cool moves for the club, or a more serious learner wanting to expand your range with hip hop fundamentals, Twist N Turns has top-rated courses that will help you further your dance journey.

What you’ll learn

  • Comfortably perform hip hop choreography

  • Understand basic 8 counts

  • Know how to perform without a boring facial expression

  • Dance with rhythm using Hip-hop social dance moves in a recreational, studio, or club environment

  • Execute basic Hip-hop technique and movement principles within Hip-hop social dance such as grooving, rhythm, and musical interpretation

  • Improve awareness of the body as it pertains to weight shifts, isolations, and use of space

  • Learn a fusion of Hip Hop, Street Jazz wrapped up in Jasmine's unique sexy, girly style.

  • Pop, wave, glide and transform into a robot.

  • Stretch Deeper and move quicker

  • Execute a proper “shuffle” or “running man” dance move on the dance floor.

  • Use the "chunking" method to help you learn this dance. Strengthen your rhythm.

  • Enjoy a fun aerobic workout while learning one of the most important hip hop dance move.

  • Know a variety of cool Michael Jackson moves

  • Know a variety of hip hop dance glide combinations

  • Impress everyone with your newfound skills waving illusions

  • Understand the technique of waving dance

  • Learn how to use different concepts to improve your waves

  • Know a variety of hip hop dance steps, spins, glides and get downs

  • Understand the importance of personality and adding it to your hip hop dancing to make it more unique

  • Understand the importance of creativity and adding it to your hip hop dancing to make it more dynamic

  • Execute a proper “kickball change” or “top rock” dance move on the dance floor.

  • Use the "chunking" method to help you learn this dance. Strengthen your rhythm.

  • Enjoy a fun aerobic workout while learning one of the most important hip hop dance move
  • Students will be proficient in the foundations and fundamentals of the Popping &
    Animation Dance styles to help get them started on the Dance Path.
  • Be able to dance to two Contemporary Hip Hop dance routines and one longer combined dance routine.

  •  Do a Contemporary Hip Hop style cardio workout. 

  • Learn all the Most Famous Hip Hop Dance Move.

  • Confidently step into a beginners Hip Hop class and understand the movements.

  • Freestyle in a club or social dance setting

  • 8 of the most important Popping techniques and moves

  • 5 Popping choreographed routines

  • Learn how to freestyle with confidence

  • Isolate their body movements: arms, legs, necks, waists, etc.

  • Build rhythm and timing via the follow-along exercise videos.

  • Develop strong basic fundamentals of muscle control which are the prerequisite for popping



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