Hip Hop Dance Classes for Teens and Adults in Kolkata at Twist N Turns Dance Studio

Twist N Turns Dance Studio offers hip hop dance classes for teens and adults of all levels of experience. Learn the basics of hip hop dance, such as choreography, rhythm, and technique. Try different styles of hip hop, such as popping, animation, and contemporary. Sign up for a class today and start dancing!



Some Frequently Asked Question about Hip Hop Dance Classes at Twist N Turns


What is Hip Hop Dance Class at Twist N Turns?

Unleashing creativity at its core, Hip Hop Dance is a dynamic expression of a movement rooted in the vibrant realm of urban ethnic dance. Originating as an integral part of hip-hop culture, this dance form mirrors the evolution of hip-hop music.
In recent times, it has gained immense popularity, particularly among the youth. Serving as a powerful outlet for artistic expression, Hip Hop Dance allows individuals to convey their emotions from deep within.
Not only does it provide an excellent workout for dancers, enhancing flexibility, balance, and muscle coordination, but it also fosters the development of a unique personal style. Embracing a myriad of steps and movements distinct from traditional forms like ballet or partner dances, Hip Hop Dance is accessible to individuals of all ages and genders who possess a keen interest in mastering its energetic artistry.

What is the class structure of hip hop dance classes at Twist N Turns?

Each class is 1 hour, which will include:
20 minutes of body conditioning (stretching, cardio, toning, strength)
20 minutes of technique and dance routine
20 minutes of choreography.

What is the correct time for admission to the class?

Four terms in a year to enroll:
Winter - January
Rainy - July
Autumn- October

What are the rules of the Hip Hop dance classes?

80% attendance is mandatory. Students have to come in uniform. Also, refer to Dance Etiquettes.

Do you provide certificates for the Hip Hop dance class?

The certificate is awarded to students on an internal examination basis conducted after the completion of the course.
To attain the certificate one must attend a minimum of 39 classes.

What is the class schedule for Hip Hop and Street dance at Twist N Turns?

We have different class timings for different studios. The detailed list mentions the website. Please click below to find the table.


Hip Hop dance class performance by Twist N Turns students at Stage show.

Kindly check the schedule of Hip Hop Dance Classes.


Salt Lake

Saturday (6- 7 PM) & Sunday (12 - 1 PM) OR

Saturday (7 - 8PM) & Sunday (1 - 2 PM)

Dum Dum Park

Saturday (6.30-7.30 PM) & Sunday (1 - 2 PM)


Saturday & Sunday (1 - 2 PM)

Saturday & Sunday (3 - 4 PM)


Saturday (7 - 8 PM) & Sunday (12 - 1 PM) 

New Alipore

Saturday (6 - 7 PM) & Sunday (11 AM - 12 PM)



All Hip Hop Dancing courses

Whether you’re a beginner looking for cool moves for the club, or a more serious learner wanting to expand your range with hip hop fundamentals, Twist N Turns has top-rated courses that will help you further your dance journey.

What you’ll learn

  • Master the execution of hip-hop choreography with ease.

  • Grasp the fundamentals of the basic 8 counts in dance.

  • Demonstrate engaging facial expressions while performing, avoiding monotony.

  • Display rhythmic proficiency in Hip-hop social dance within recreational, studio, or club settings.

  • Apply essential Hip-hop techniques and movement principles, including grooving, rhythm, and musical interpretation, to social dance.

  • Enhance body awareness in terms of weight shifts, isolations, and spatial utilization.

  • Acquire a fusion of hip-hop and street Jazz infused with Jasmine's distinctive, feminine style.

  • Perfect iconic moves like popping, waving, gliding, and the robot transformation.

  • Enhance flexibility and speed through deeper stretching and quicker movements.

  • Flawlessly execute dance moves such as the "shuffle" or "running man" using the "chunking" method for effective learning.

  • Blend enjoyment with a beneficial aerobic workout while mastering crucial hip-hop dance techniques.

  • Master various Michael Jackson moves and hip-hop dance glide combinations.

  • Impress with newfound skills in creating waving illusions.

  • Comprehend the technical aspects of waving dance and employ different concepts to refine your waves.

  • Learn an array of hip-hop dance steps, spins, glides, and get-downs.

  • Recognize the significance of personality in enhancing hip-hop dance uniqueness.

  • Embrace creativity as a vital element to elevate the dynamism of your hip-hop dancing.

  • Confidently execute the "kickball change" or "top rock" dance move, integrating rhythm through the "chunking" method.

  • Participate in an enjoyable aerobic workout while mastering essential hip-hop dance moves.

  • Attain proficiency in the foundational aspects of Popping and Animation Dance styles.

  • Dance to two Contemporary Hip Hop routines and a combined longer dance routine.

  • Engage in a cardio workout with a Contemporary Hip Hop style.

  • Master renowned Hip Hop dance moves with confidence.

  • Enter a beginner's Hip Hop class with a solid understanding of movements.

  • Freestyle with confidence in club or social dance settings.

  • Acquire expertise in 8 crucial Popping techniques and moves.

  • Learn and perform 5 Popping choreographed routines.

  • Develop confidence in freestyle dancing and isolate various body movements.

  • Cultivate rhythm and timing through follow-along exercise videos, building fundamental muscle control for popping.



Unlocking the World of Hip-Hop and Street Dance: A Comprehensive Learning Journey

Hip-hop and street dance have taken the world by storm, captivating enthusiasts with their rhythmic beats and dynamic movements. The allure of this dance style lies not only in its energetic choreography but also in the freedom it offers for self-expression. Whether you're a seasoned dancer or someone taking their first steps onto the dance floor, there's always something new to learn. As we look ahead to November 2023, let's explore what you can learn in the realm of hip-hop and street dance.

1. Comfortably Perform Hip-Hop Choreography:

A fundamental skill for any hip-hop dancer is the ability to perform choreography with confidence and finesse. Hip-hop routines often incorporate intricate footwork, body isolations, and fluid transitions. These choreographies are a fusion of different styles and require a good grasp of musicality. In your journey of learning hip-hop in November 2023, you can expect to build your choreography skills, which will allow you to dance seamlessly and captivate audiences with your moves.

2. Understand Basic 8 Counts:

In hip-hop and street dance, rhythm is paramount. Understanding and mastering the concept of 8 counts is a fundamental skill. An 8 count is a unit of musical measurement, and dance moves are often broken down into these counts. Learning how to sync your movements with the rhythm and structure of music is key to creating a visually engaging and harmonious dance routine. In November, you'll delve into the world of 8 counts and discover how they shape the essence of hip-hop and street dance.

3. Dancing with Expression:

Performing hip-hop with just the right level of facial expression is an art in itself. It's essential to convey the emotion and energy of the music through your face and body. The next step in your journey is to learn how to dance with an engaging and dynamic facial expression, ensuring that your audience remains captivated and enthralled throughout your performance.

4. Mastering Hip-Hop Social Dance Moves:

Hip-hop and street dance are not confined to the studio or the stage. These styles are very much a part of social dance culture. Learning the authentic social dance moves and grooves allows you to immerse yourself in the hip-hop lifestyle. Whether you're hitting the club scene or simply enjoying recreational dance sessions, November 2023 is the perfect time to start building your social dance repertoire.

5. Embracing Hip-Hop Technique and Principles:

To truly excel in hip-hop, it's essential to understand the technical aspects that underpin this genre. Learning the foundations of hip-hop technique, including concepts like grooving, rhythm, and musical interpretation, will elevate your skills to the next level. November is your opportunity to dive deep into these principles and embrace the authenticity of hip-hop dance.

6. Body Awareness and Movement:

Your body is your instrument in hip-hop and street dance. Gaining a heightened awareness of your body's capabilities, including weight shifts, isolations, and efficient use of space, is crucial. Through dedicated practice and guidance, you'll develop an enhanced understanding of how your body moves and how to maximize your movements in November.

7. Unique Fusion Styles:

One of the exciting aspects of hip-hop and street dance is its versatility. In November, you'll have the chance to explore a fusion of hip-hop and street jazz with a touch of unique, sexy, and girly style. The dance world is a canvas for creativity, and you'll have the opportunity to experiment with a fusion that reflects your individuality and personal flair.

8. Pop, Wave, Glide, and Transform:

Hip-hop and street dance encompass a vast array of movements. You'll master techniques such as popping, waving, gliding, and even transforming into a robot. These distinct styles contribute to the rich tapestry of hip-hop dance, and November is the time to refine your skills and expand your dance repertoire.

9. Flexibility and Agility:

Physical fitness is crucial for every dancer. In November, you'll work on stretching deeper and moving more quickly. These aspects of training not only enhance your dance abilities but also improve your overall physical well-being. Flexibility and agility are the keys to executing complex moves with grace and precision.

10. "Shuffle" and "Running Man":

Two iconic hip-hop dance moves, the "shuffle" and the "running man," are essential components of a dancer's toolkit. Mastering these classics will ensure you're always ready to hit the dance floor and impress with your skills. In November, you'll receive focused training to execute these moves with style and flair.

11. The "Chunking" Method:

Effective learning is often about breaking down complex tasks into manageable chunks. In November, you'll explore the "chunking" method, a valuable technique that simplifies the learning process and enhances your rhythm. This approach will help you grasp intricate choreography and elevate your dance abilities.

12. Enjoyable Aerobic Workouts:

Hip-hop and street dance aren't just about finesse; they're also an excellent way to stay fit. In November, you can expect to enjoy a fun aerobic workout while mastering one of the most important hip-hop dance moves. It's an engaging way to boost your physical fitness and dance prowess simultaneously.

13. Cool Michael Jackson Moves:

Michael Jackson's influence on the world of dance is immeasurable. In November, you'll have the chance to learn a variety of cool Michael Jackson moves. These iconic steps will not only add depth to your repertoire but also pay homage to one of the greatest entertainers in history.

14. Hip-Hop Dance Glide Combinations:

Glide combinations are a mesmerizing aspect of hip-hop dance. November brings an opportunity to learn a variety of glide combinations, enabling you to move effortlessly across the dance floor with grace and precision.

15. Waving Illusions:

Waving is a mesmerizing and visually captivating technique in hip-hop. You'll learn to impress everyone with your newfound skills, creating stunning waving illusions that leave your audience in awe.

16. The Technique of Waving Dance:

Waving is an intricate and visually striking aspect of hip-hop dance. In November, you'll understand the technique of waving dance, mastering its nuances and creating a mesmerizing visual spectacle.

17. Diverse Dance Steps, Spins, Glides, and Get Downs:

To be a versatile hip-hop dancer, you need a diverse repertoire of steps and moves. November provides a platform to acquire a wide range of dance steps, spins, glides, and get downs, allowing you to express yourself in a multitude of ways on the dance floor.

18. Personality and Creativity:

What sets apart exceptional hip-hop dancers is their ability to infuse their personality and creativity into their moves. In November, you'll discover the importance of adding your unique flair to your hip-hop dancing, making it truly your own. This emphasis on individuality is what makes hip-hop such a vibrant and expressive art form.

19. "Kickball Change" and "Top Rock" Moves:

The "kickball change" and "top rock" are foundational moves in hip-hop dance. November is your time to execute these moves with precision and confidence. These moves are staples in any hip-hop dancer


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