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Bharatanatyam classes near me? Are you also searching for this? If you have, then the answer is a big YES!

You can now learn this Indian classical dance form at one of Kolkata's premier dance institutions. Yes! I’m talking about Twist N Turns, of course!

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However, before we go into more detail about the classes, let’s explore why one should consider learning Bharatanatyam, shall we? 

So let’s begin!

 Bharatanatyam Classes Near Me




What is the Bharatanatyam dance all about? 

What is Bharatanatyam dance all about? 

Bharatanatyam is one of India's oldest classical dance forms, with its origins in South India. In essence, Bharatnatyam is an elaborately exhibited art of narrating stories through sharp, calculated movements. 

This dance originated in temples and developed from the Natya Shastra text with the intention of strengthening one's religious experience. Today,  Bharatanatyam is a dance form that has both religious and non-religious aspects. There are also fusion styles of this dance. Bharatanatyam has delighted viewers and performers for audiences through the ages.

As the name suggests, Bharatanatyam consists of three core elements: bhāva (expressions), rāga (melody), and tāla (rhythm). These three aspects come together to create a beautiful dance form that is intense yet soothing to the eyes. 

Furthermore, Bharatanatyam comes with a host of health benefits that make it really beneficial to teach Bharatanatyam dance lessons to beginners.


The Basics of Bharatanatyam

The Basics of Bharatanatyam

Before we launch into why you should search for “Bharatanatyam dance near me in Kolkata”, let’s take a quick look at the basics of this dance form. 


Bharatanatyam is segmented evenly into three core elements: Nritya, Nritta, and Natya.


Nritya: This involves the convergence of Rhythm and Expression. The dancer infuses their feelings, spiritual themes, and expressive gestures into their movements in Nritya.


Nritya: This involves the convergence of Rhythm and Expression.

Nritta: Nritta reflects pure dance made up of taal and laya—time measurement and rhythm. Nritta purely focuses on dance and movement. Nritta pays special attention to rhythm, form, speed, pattern, and form of movement. There is not much focus on the interpretive elements here.


Natya: Natya is a thematic dramatization that combines nritya and nritta.


So let’s take a quick look at all the ways in which Bharatanatyam can be beneficial for you!


The benefits of Bharatanatyam dance lessons for beginners

Bharatanatyam involves coordinated movements of almost all parts of the body. That’s why, it engages and strengthens the entire body too! 

The benefits of Bharatanatyam dance lessons for beginners

Here’s a list of some of the major benefits of Bharatanatyam dance lessons for beginners:

Boosts stamina

Bharatnatyam has many movement patterns that help to strengthen the limb and core muscles. These body movements can be difficult at times, as you might need to hold a posture for a few seconds at a stretch. 

Sounds a little similar to yoga, doesn't it? In fact, it does have a few things in common with yoga! For one, regular Bharatanatyam dance lessons for beginners can help boost your stamina as well as aid your concentration. 

Enhances concentration

To perform well in Bharatnatyam, one must remember the steps, karanas, and mudras. It takes considerable attention and concentration to remember them all. Additionally, during a performance, the dancer must recollect the correct movements, beats, rhythm, and expressions. 

So it's not surprising that Bharatnatyam improves one's mental skills, agility, and concentration.

Boosts stamina


Increases body’s flexibility

Bharatanatyam requires you to change your facial expressions in sync with your footwork and hand gestures. In other words, it enables you to engage various parts of your body at once and thereby improve its flexibility. 

Even just a 30-minute rehearsal can help strengthen the muscles in your arms and legs. More points if you can use some kind of prop during the practice session, as this will boost your body's ability to move with ease.

Helps keep the heart healthy 

Here's a bit of good news for you! Bharatanatyam provides all of the benefits that aerobics can provide! As I am sure you know already, dancing improves overall physical fitness and is good for blood circulation. Which in turn brings you closer to having a healthy heart. It’s a win-win situation, am I right? 


Helps keep the heart healthy 

Improves your posture your balance

Bharatnatyam consists of various poses, postures, and movements. Karanas are various body movements that aid in the improvement of body balance. There’re various postures that you can use to improve balance. Take, for example, standing in the aramandi (half-sitting) pose for a few seconds, which is excellent for the torso and legs. 

Wait! That’s not all! There are indeed some more merits of learning Bharatanatyam classes near me!

Some more benefits of Bharatanatyam

Some more benefits of Bharatanatyam

Bharatnatyam necessitates a wide range of facial expressions. It requires you to move your eyes, neck, brows, and lips, all of which strengthens the muscles. The fast paced movement of facial muscles strengthens the facial tissues. What's more, the movements of the eyes also help to keep the eye muscles strong and healthy. 

Given its long history and varied health benefits, it’s not surprising that Bharatanatyam has become one of India’s most popular dance forms!

So, if you’re thinking “Where can I find Bharatanatyam classes near me,” look no further!

Sign up for bharatanatyam dance lessons for beginners with top professionals at Twist N Turns!

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Who can learn Bharatanatyam?

Who can learn Bharatanatyam?

If this is the question you have in mind, then read on to find out!

Bharatanatyam is an extremely versatile dance form. Almost anyone can learn this classical dance form, regardless of age or gender. 

However, the benefits of joining the Bharatanatyam dance near me in Kolkata are most prominent when you start at an early age. Let me tell you why! 

 joining the Bharatanatyam dance near me in Kolkata

Bharatanatyam cultivates discipline from an early age

Bharatanatyam is a form of dance that focuses on discipline. The diligent adavu practices in this dance ensure that an individual becomes more disciplined, especially at a younger age. 

Bharatanatyam makes learning fun

Bharatanatyam is a dance form in which children learn the art with eagerness and zeal. When introduced at the appropriate age, dance becomes an enjoyable process that allows the child to learn more about its nuances.  


Bharatanatyam dance near me in kolkata at Twist N Turns will do an excellent job in this respect. So sign up for a trial class now!


Wait! Did you think Bharatanatyam dance classes near me are only for children? Because that’s simply not true! 

You can reap the benefits of learning Bharatanatyam at any age, from any place. In fact, many individuals have picked up this dance form at a later stage in life.

Krina Calla

Take the account of Krina Calla, a lawyer who took up Bharatanatyam at the age of 43. Many women like her have found peace, energy, and a renewed zest for life through practicing this ancient art form. 

So, I say, don’t let age stop you from joining a class because age is never a bar when it comes to Bharatanatyam.

If you are thinking, “Where can I learn the Bharatanatyam dance near me in Kolkata”, look no further! 

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Bharatanatyam dance classes near me in Kolkata

Bharatanatyam dance classes near me in Kolkata

These days, it is wonderfully easy to learn Bharatanatyam from videos posted online. However, nothing beats learning this graceful art form in person, from a guru. 

This is why Twist N Turns is launching its first-ever Bharatanatyam course, where you’ll learn Bharatanatyam from the best professionals in this field. 

Here are some of the advantages of learning this art form in person:

Your guru will know your pace of learning

It takes time to master any classical dance form, and each student's pace is different. Your dance instructor will be able to understand your pace of learning, enabling you to progress at your own pace.

They will be able to clear up your doubts.

Enrolling in Twist N Turns' Bharatanatyam classes will provide you with the opportunity to get answers to all your dance-related questions quickly. 

Tell me, doesn’t that sound like a win-win? 

Why you should join Twist N Turns’ Bharatanatyam course?

They will inspire you and help you overcome any errors

When you're a beginner, you might not be able to locate and identify possible errors in your dance routine. But your guru can help with that. Needless to say, your guru will act as your guide and inspiration as you embark on this new adventure. 

Why you should join Twist N Turns’ Bharatanatyam course?

Why you should join Twist N Turns’ Bharatanatyam course?


Are you a resident of Kolkata? Have you been wondering, “Are there bharatanatyam dance classes near me in Kolkata?”

If so, let me present to you: Twist N Turns’ Bharatanatyam classes!

With more than 17 years of experience and 6 studio outlets, you are never far from a song and a dance at Twist N Turns

And now, we are launching our first-ever Bharatanatyam course! Think top-trained professionals, a free trial class, state-of-the-art studio equipment, and loads of fun! 

So, if you’ve been looking out for Bharatanatyam dance classes near me, your search ends here!



I am sure you have some pertinent questions about learning  Bharatanatyam dance near me in kolkata by now. Well, that’s what I'm here for!

So without further ado, let’s go through some of the most frequently asked questions about learning Bharatanatyam at Twist N Turns

How do I get started with Bharatanatyam classes near me at Twist N Turns? 

Enrolling for Bharatanatyam dance near me in Kolkata has never been easier! Just click here to get on a call with us and sign up now!

What do I need to start with Bharatanatyam classes near me? 

While Bharatnatyam does require some equipment, you need not worry about all that! All you need is interest and tons of enthusiasm to learn this new dance form. 

Who will be my dance instructors?

At Twist N Turns, we strive for perfection. So rest assured; your dance instructors will always be the best in the field. 

Where is the Twist N Turns studio located? 

Currently, there are six Twist N Turns studios in various parts of Kolkata. One each in Salt Lake, Ballygunge, Dum Dum Park, Ruby, New Alipore, and Newtown (Action Area 1). 

Bottom Line

If you’ve spent a considerable amount of time looking for “Bharatanatyam classes near me”, then you have come to the right place!

Learn this historical and graceful dance form from the best instructors with Twist N Turns!

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