Arpita Halder

DANCE IS MY LIFE!! It’s my voice, my escape zone, my passion.

I started training at the age of 3 from Kalpana’s Music World.


I am energetic, physically fit, and a confident dance instructor who has a successful track record of improving a student’s knowledge and understanding of dance.

I hold teaching qualifications from(Bangiya Sur Sangeet Kendra) and have experience in teaching kids and teen age groups. At times, I may not only fully understand the needs of students, but have the ability to quickly engage with them.

In my dancing career, I have taught in Kalpana’s music world and also given classes to students.
In addition to this, I have experience of teaching bollywood, freestyle, jazz, folk(Rajasthani), hip hop and contemporary dance.

Curently, I am working as a dance instructor in Twist N Turns and looking forward to better opportunities ahead! 

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