Swarna Dutta

Dancing and expressing are synonymous to me. The fine line between them got blurred, during my early childhood when the highlight of my day was to attend my dance lessons.

The bottled up emotions, the flustered feelings and unspoken words were spoken by rhythm of my feet to the beats of music. School had been my home for fourteen years and it was on that stage filled with lights and it’s blue curtains that I felt dance was my own salvation.
I competed in many events, won accolades from various institutions, trained in Uday Shankar Contemporary and creative styles and learned and trained in Bollywood style along with my roots in classical dance like Bharatnatyam. Also, went for styles like waacking, martial Arts, Jazz. I wanted to learn and explore all forms, be it eastern or western. I have been teaching since 3 years and now want to thank Twist And Turns for giving me this oppurtunity.This pandemic along with its nuances brought me to the nostalgia of swaying with rhythmic beats. The memories had been lost in the closet of time, but the last year helped me flourish on these creative roads. I started my YouTube channel “ Jazz Alapama ” and soon I was immersed in the tunes and turns of this beautiful art. Today I have reached certain milestone with my work but the journey is long and the destination to of first love is never ending.
I had broken my left leg at the innocent age of eight, it deterred my spirits but the dreams never left my mind. Now 12 years later, a broken leg can’t stop me from breaking a leg on the dance floor.

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