Puja Saha

The job of the feet is walking, but their hobby is dancing is what I believe...I started my journey as a small kid at age of 8 when I joined the Bharatnatyam training academy.

The 8 years of the journey enlightened me into the dancer I always aspired to be. Being a lead dancer and choreographer in my college days I realized that I not only loved the music and dancing to its beat but had the Passion to teach as well. I pursued my choreography training course and began my journey to mingle little minds and passionate dance lovers to learn the art form.
I have been evolving since 20 years of my learning and dancing journey. I joined Padatik in the teacher training course and then worked as a dance instructor and choreographer. Thereafter my journey took me to step n flow institute where I punched into hip hop and specialized in it. Through my teaching journey, I had the opportunity to take the talent of my special students to showcase on stage through the annual shows. I had the opportunity to glitter the Indian wedding scenes as well with the choreographed sequences.

The entire journey took me to Twist N Turns where I mingle with little kids and get them grooving right to the beats. I now specialise in Bollywood, Bharatnatyam, hip-hop semi-classical, and classical forms.

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