Salsa and Bachata Dance Class in Kolkata Near me

If you are searching for Salsa and Bachata dance classes in Kolkata Near me, then you have landed in the right place. 

Twist N Turns is the right place for Salsa and Bachata Dance Class in Kolkata for beginners. The Nearby Twist N Turns Studio can be very close to you. You can take group or private classes as per your time and location. TWIST N TURNS has been running Salsa and Bachata Dance Class in Kolkata since 2005 when only a few of the Salsa dance instructors had started their dance teacher careers in the city. The age criteria for this dance form is a minimum of 15 years and above. 

Some of the common FAQs for Salsa Beginners.

How to join Salsa and Bachata dance classes in Kolkata at Twist N Turns?

The course and fee details for Salsa dance are as follows: 6 sessions, over 6 weeks to complete the course. The session will be conducted once a week. You can get the details at the desk to know the latest update.

What are the fees for the Salsa and Bachata dance classes in Kolkata?

The fee per person is Rs 2500, and for a Couple, it is Rs 5000/-

What are the course and fee details for Salsa and Bachata Dance Class in Kolkata Twist N Turns?

The course and fee details for Bachata dance are as follows: 4 sessions, over 4 weeks to complete the course. The session will be conducted once a week. You can get the details at the desk to know the latest update.
The fee per person is Rs. 2500, and for Couples, it is Rs. 5000/-.
The membership fee is Rs 1500 additional.

What is the growth in Salsa and Bachata dance class?

After you have completed your Basic level you will be promoted to Improvers. This level is majorly focused on combinations and patterns. One takes around 30 hours of classes to complete the Improvers level.
Post the Improvers level, we have the Intermediate, which has advanced combinations and moves. Styling and advanced body movements are also part of this level. You are promoted to this level once you have completed your Improvers level. One takes at least 100 hours to complete this level. There is a different fee for Improvers and Intermediate levels. Once you have completed a level, you will be informed of the fee for the next level.

What is the history of Salsa and Bachata Dance Class in Kolkata Twist N Turns?

TWIST N TURNS has been running Salsa dance classes in Kolkata since 2005 when only a few of the Salsa dance instructors had started their dance teacher's career in the city. The age criteria for this dance form is a minimum of 15 years and above. 

What if I sign up for a session of classes and have to miss a class?

No problem! You can make up classes during the coming week. Once you sign up for a session and miss a class, you may attend a make-up class by informing the teacher. If you cannot make any other class in that week or the coming week, then you would lose a class (although we do go out of our way to make sure people are well taken care of).

If I'm bringing someone, do I have to rotate partners?

Rotating partners is not solely for social reasons. It helps the learning process. It's necessary to properly learn how to lead and follow. Everyone has a different style, and changing partners will greatly enhance the speed at which you learn. That being said, you can always remove yourself slightly from the circle and not change partners - no problem!

Do I need to get a Partner?

Absolutely not! We rotate partners in class, and everyone will have ample partners. If we have an imbalance, extra people just wait in between couples and will get a partner in a couple of minutes (we switch partners quite a bit during class). We also do our best to have even classes.

What shoes should I wear to the Salsa class?

If you have dance shoes then bring them. The ideal shoes have suede soles and hold your foot firmly in position. If you do not have dance shoes, wear something that is comfortable and that can slide quite easily on the floor without gripping. Leather soles are good, rubber soles are not. We recommend you do not wear trainers, boots or mules. The right footwear is essential in order to be able to carry out movements correctly and without injury. We stock a wide range of leather dance shoes for both ladies and gentlemen.

What is the Salsa dance class timing?

Twist N Turns Salt Lake
Every Sunday 
Beginners' Class: (2 - 3 PM)
Improvers' Class: (3 - 4 PM)

Twist N Turns Ballygunge
Beginners' Class: Saturday(7 - 8 PM)
Improvers' Class: Wednesday (7 - 8 PM)



Harness the Rhythms of Latin Dance with Salsa and Bachata Classes in Kolkata

Kolkata, the vibrant cultural hub of India, is home to a diverse array of dance forms, and among them, the pulsating rhythms of Salsa and Bachata have captured the hearts of many. These two Latin dances, originating from Cuba and the Dominican Republic respectively, have gained immense popularity worldwide, and Kolkata is no exception. With their infectious energy, intricate footwork, and sensual partnerwork, Salsa and Bachata offer an exhilarating way to get exercise, learn new skills, and connect with others.

Salsa: A Dance of Passion and Flair

Salsa, meaning "sauce" in Spanish, aptly captures the essence of this vibrant dance. Its fast tempo, intricate footwork, and sensual partnerwork create an electrifying atmosphere, leaving dancers feeling energized and empowered. Salsa is a dance of passion and flair, where improvisation and creativity are encouraged. Whether you're a seasoned dancer or a complete beginner, Salsa classes in Kolkata provide a welcoming environment to immerse yourself in the joy of this captivating dance.

Bachata: A Romantic Rendezvous on the Dance Floor

Bachata, meaning "encounter" in Spanish, exudes a more romantic and sensual vibe compared to its Salsa counterpart. Its slower tempo and emphasis on smooth, graceful movements create an intimate atmosphere, fostering connections between dance partners. Bachata is a dance of intimacy and expression, allowing dancers to convey their emotions through their movements. Whether you're seeking a soulful connection or simply want to immerse yourself in the romantic rhythms of Bachata, Kolkata's dance studios offer a variety of classes tailored to all levels.

Benefits of Embracing the Latin Groove

Incorporating Salsa and Bachata into your routine offers a plethora of benefits, extending far beyond the dance floor:

  • Enhanced Physical Fitness: Salsa and Bachata are excellent forms of exercise, elevating your heart rate, burning calories, and toning muscles throughout the body.

  • Skill Development and Creative Expression: Learning Salsa and Bachata provides an opportunity to challenge yourself, acquire new skills, and express your creativity through movement.

  • Social Connection and Community Building: Dance classes offer a welcoming environment to meet new people, connect with like-minded individuals, and build a sense of community.

  • Stress Reduction and Mood Enhancement: The rhythmic movements of Salsa and Bachata release endorphins, natural mood boosters that effectively combat stress and uplift your spirits.

  • Self-Confidence and Empowerment: Mastering the art of Salsa and Bachata instills a sense of self-confidence, empowering you to move with fluidity and grace on and off the dance floor.

Finding Your Salsa and Bachata Class in Kolkata

Kolkata boasts a vibrant dance scene, with numerous studios offering Salsa and Bachata classes catering to all levels, from absolute beginners to seasoned dancers. Here are some of the top-rated dance studios in Kolkata where you can embark on your Latin dance journey:

  • Twist N Turns (TNT)

  • Swayam Dance Academy (Delhi)

  • Salsation (Mumbai)

  • Chennai Salsa (Chennai)

  • Salsa India (Bangalore)

  • Salsa Bachata (Hyderabad) 

  • Salsa Bachata India  (Ahmedabad)

  • Salsa India (Pune)

  • Salsa India (Jaipur) 

  • Salsa India (Lucknow)

  • Salsa India (Chandigarh)

Choosing the Perfect Salsa and Bachata Dance Class Adventure

When selecting a Salsa and Bachata dance class in Kolkata, consider these factors to ensure a seamless and enjoyable learning experience:

  • Your Dance Experience: Are you a beginner, intermediate, or advanced dancer? Classes are often categorized based on experience levels to provide tailored instruction.

  • Your Schedule: Consider your availability and choose classes that align with your schedule, ensuring consistent participation and progress.

  • Location Convenience: Select a dance studio that is easily accessible to you, minimizing travel time and maximizing your convenience.

  • Budget Considerations: Determine your budget and find classes that fit your financial constraints without compromising quality instruction.

  • Instructor Compatibility: Assess the teaching style and personality of the instructor to ensure a comfortable and engaging learning environment.

Embarking on Your Salsa and Bachata Dance Journey with Confidence

As you embark on your Salsa and Bachata adventure, keep these tips in mind for a fulfilling and enjoyable experience:

  • Comfortable Attire: Opt for comfortable clothing and shoes that allow for unrestricted movement and prevent injuries.

  • Punctuality and Preparation: Arrive early for class to warm up and prepare mentally for the session.

  • Instructor Guidance: Actively listen to your instructor, follow their instructions, and seek clarification when needed.

  • Embrace Mistakes as Learning Opportunities: View mistakes as stepping stones to improvement rather than setbacks.

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