Pallavi Gupta

Pallavi Gupta

I started my work journey in 2014 from a start-up!
I was the first recruit of that company and worked as a Business development executive. 

Having worked in a start-up gave me a lot of exposure and advantages, but the journey ended in 2016 due to company failure.
After that, I joined the Forum group as a Marketing executive. My major work involved interactions and marketing with all the brands present in all the 3 malls - Forum courtyard, Forum Belur, and Forum Jamshedpur. That journey didn't go for quite a long period.

Later in 2017, I joined Twist N Turns as a jazz and contemporary student under Tapas sir. The whole motive was to take a sabbatical but I guess that was not what was written in store for me. 
As soon as I approached my 2nd week of dancing, Sir got to know about my marketing background and offered me the job.
Since then, I have been working as the Public Relations Manager for all 6 studios of Twist N Turns. There are a lot of things I have learned and still continue to do...

The main goal is to make this dance family as big as possible!

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