Aditya Sarmah

Aditya Sarmah

Dance is the essence of Aditya’s life, for this rhythmic movement of the body to music gives him not only joy but is also a part of his spiritual existence. Whether as a

form of emotional expression or social interaction or even simply, as a form of exercise, he can exploit dance as an art form, to its best use. To that end, he has mastered many genres and styles of dance. 

He started off with Bharatnatyam and then went on to master other dance forms like Salsa, Hip Hop, and Jazz. He is also a licensed Zumba instructor. Aditya’s virtuosity is dazzling because of his knowledge of both essentially Indian and Western dance forms, which helps him bring about inventiveness and originality in his performances. That is why his stage shows are unconventional and phenomenal.

Aditya’s romance with dance started at a very young age when he started learning Bharatnatyam from Sonali Sarkar. He has always been the best dancer in both schools and colleges. Tapas Das taught him Hip Hop and Salsa, Prasanna Sakia taught him Jazz and Prasenjit Kundu taught him Old House and House. Aditya always looks for ways to better himself and hence whenever he gets a chance, he joins dance classes conducted by other instructors to hone his skills. Aditya mainly teaches Hip Hop and all forms of it like old school, locking, breaking, popping, krumping and house, though he is equally skilled in all the other forms of dance.

Aditya is a jovial person and has a very good rapport with his pupils. He sees to it that after each class his students are filled with joy and he also makes sure that they are in love with not only the dance form they are learning but also with their own bodies and selves. For the kids, he can convert dance into a game. His endeavor is always to improvise fun ways of teaching them art.

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