Ayan Ali Khan

Ayaan Ali Khan is an official Zumba Instructor (ZIN), dancer and choreographer. Dancing has been his passion since childhood. He is trained in Hip hop and Bollywood

dance. Professional dance training started in the year of 2001. Being a fitness freak, eventually, he developed his love for Zumba and moved ahead to get his official license in 2015. He is associated with a number of popular fitness centres of Kolkata and has conducted fitness sessions in popular clubs and Corporate Houses in Kolkata. He has also choreographed a few Tollywood celebrities for special events.

He teaches different forms of dance like hip hop, Bollywood and contemporary and is a regular participant at popular fitness events. He has attended lots of workshops conducted by eminent dancers of India to improve versatility and is here to spread his love for Zumba!

Dance reduces stress & fills one’s heart with joy and happiness. Popular for his fun-filled and extremely energetic classes, for him, dance is life. He strongly believes, everyone should dance to their own rhythm!



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