Mrittika Datta

Mrittika Datta

I am Mrittika Datta, I was 4 years old when my Guruji introduced me to “TAAL”. My journey started back then. I have been to places like Mumbai, Delhi, Rajasthan,

Gujarat, Odisha and Kolkata and gathered knowledge about different dance forms. I have been trained in different classical dance forms such as Bharatnatyam, Odissi, Kalaripayattu, and Kathak. Finally, I found the dance form that defines me “KATHAK”. I have been learning and teaching contemporary dance for more than 10 years. Dance to me is an expression of self where we use not only our body but also our mind and emotions. Dance is the visual representation of celebrating myself.

Since Childhood, I have been an extremely passionate dancer and a believer that art can be propagated. The essence of dance is something to be experienced and relished. The more you foster the art, the more it grows within you and you become a better version of yourself. I am a passionate believer of the philosophy that anybody can dance and I see dancing as the means to a better world. Dancing not only lets you express your deep embedded emotions but also is a path to a healthier lifestyle. Let me be a guide through your journey and help you experience the world as never before.




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