Live. Love. Teach. Repeat! Life was restricted to education, dance shows, and general fun for me. It completely lacked focus.

It was through social media that I was introduced to the Zumba World. I then did my Basic 1 Training. After that, I wasn't so sure if I will leave my job and take this up as a profession. But after the first class, I took one very bold step. I quit my budding corporate career as a software professional and chose to pick up Zumba as my Career.

This one decision changed my life completely. My dedication increased day by day for various fitness forms... I literally live and breathe Zumba.
It makes me happy much beyond my previous professions! I stay super charged up and spread the cheer to everyone I meet. Through my classes, videos and self-organized programs, I am giving my 200%!!
Zumba gave me a new Identity and a brilliant career as a ZIN.
Today I am absolutely in the best of health, fitness, and attitude to face the World. I say a million thanks to Zumba for giving me a new life...!!!!



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