Sayan Ghosh

I, Sayan Ghosh was an under average kid back in my school time. One day back in 2008, I danced for the first time in my school annual concert & found myself

passionate about something for the first time and I was very much clear with my view about what I needed to do next to grow as a better dancer, choreographer or artist.
I started my training with various renowned instructors, attended workshops, went for a diploma and tried out different styles to give it 100% attention to grow my career. But Dancing is not all about just growing as an artist, it really helped me to be who I am today, creating myself & my views in a better way through this beautiful piece of art. Then came Zumba into my life in 2016. Being a dancer it was easy for me to catch up and learn quick and today I am a ZIN member with respective certificates (B1, Zumba toning and Strong by Zumba)

My belief: Always be a learner, before you teach!!
Keep dancing.!!





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